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Having initially decided to give myself an extra day's rest after the exertions of my graduation run on Thursday I realised that I couldn't wait any longer for the adrenaline fix, and so I stepped out with Laura once more early this morning. :)

Wasn't quite sure what she had in store, except that it involved running to a beat - which I anticipated might be a problem for an unmusical non-dancer like me.

But to my surprise it was great. The beat was obvious and easy to follow, both walking and jogging. It made me go a bit slower than usual which is probably a good thing, as I tend to rush off and then more or less expire before the end, and I found that I settled into a rhythm right away and just carried along at a remarkably consistent pace. I barely noticed the transition from 150 to 155 but when it went to 160 it felt a bit like taking the brakes off (though that wasn't reflected in the pace).

And at the end I felt infinitely stronger than on the previous runs of week 9 when I had been pushing myself to reach 5k within the time.

All in all, very enjoyable and I finished it feeling really positive. :)


PS. In fact I felt so good that I then went for a long cycle ride through the pine forests. All grist to the 5x50 mill! :D

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Glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to reading what you think about the Speed podcast!

LandesmanGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly


But that exclamation mark lends a slightly ominous overtone to your remark. I think I will be approaching the Speed podcast with some caution. :)

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Landesman

Well read Landesman! It's short and sweet but -- for me -- quite tough! As I get to do it better, it gets harder rather than easier, but you'll see ;-)

I'm still going to do one each week on the 10K program I think as it is excellent training.


Due to start this after graduation next week. Nice to get an insight to what to expect.


Going to start this next week. I had thought about doing an extra week with the usual podcast, but I've signed up for 2 5 km fun runs so would like to get going with a better time. Thanks for the feedback, and good luck with the rest of it ;)

LandesmanGraduate in reply to rockchick69

Thanks both. Yes, I miss being able to see the cheat sheet and being able to read up on what's in store for us. Don't particularly like going into things without knowing what I have let myself in for.

I'll report back on the other two, if I survive them. :)

swanscotGraduate in reply to Landesman

One C25K member wrote it our for us all last summer.

Here you go:

Stepping stones:

10 minutes at 150bpm, 15 minutes at 155bpm, 5 minutes at 160 bpm (bracketed by walks as usual).


155bpm for 5 minutes, *165bpm for 60 seconds and 150bpm for 60 seconds* Repeat from * to * 5 times. Start and finish with usual brisk walks.


158 bpm for 10 minutes, 160 bpm for 20 minutes and 165bpm for 5 minutes. Warm-up walks as before.

LandesmanGraduate in reply to swanscot

Ah, that's helpful. Thanks.


Well done. Sounds like you had a great run and I'm very interested to hear in experiences post C25K.

Just checked out your garmin link. Wow! Is your route as good as it looks, ie by the sea?

LandesmanGraduate in reply to PamJK


If you're looking at the default view in Garmin Connect (Bing/Map) - then the route's better than it looks. :) Switch to Google and Satellite for a better detail.

Along the side of the marina and the harbour entrance (avoiding the fishermen and cormorants), then up along the top of the beach watching the surfers and kite surfers (surfing capital of France here). It's great. :)


Your Garmin activity shows a nice steady pace and fantastic location, glad you had a good post grad run :-)

LandesmanGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I was encouraged to buy a Garmin and post the link ot the run result because of a previous post of yours, so thanks also for that.


Sounds wonderful. I'm so jealous!


good to hear it was good, as I am planning on doing next week after finishing with Laura ( as it were!) but most importantly is the music OK???? so jealous of the pine forest thing, sounds delicious!!

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