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Slippery Stepping Stones today!

Today I set off in hard frost and very slippery conditions.

Managed to do all sections and a session on the outdoor gym before power walking home again to the beat of a slow section of Stamina. Only walked during the timed sections where the river pathway was covered with a 1cm film of solid ice! Only 1 yappy dog took to harassing me and I had many cheerful smiley 'Hello's which was nice.

I have complained about feeling cold 'to my bones' after running. Today I ran on empty (as usual) and lusted after the Full English I had promised myself if I did all the running - which I did! When I slowed down to use the outdoor gym at the end I put on a very lightweight jacket which was a surprise gift from my husband (came as a set with gloves and beanie hat for £7.50 from Aldi)

Lovely hot shower, F.E. breakfast and feeling pretty good now.

Not cold at all! Didn't care who saw me in the strange looking beanie hat either. More great news:

Went to buy some new trousers yesterday. Have been wearing size 18 for yonks. Picked up size 18's out of habit and they were HUGE on me!!!!! Had to go down to a 16. Not been a size16 for 30 years. How pleasing is that! Well chuffed!

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That's brilliant - well done! Glad you didn't slip, as I did yesterday and it hurt!! Good news about slimming down a size too! Congratulations : )


Thank you! A timely positive result because I have found it to easy to wuss off lately. Now I can see results it gives me the incentive to persevere!


We'll done, at this pace you'll soon be a size 14


In my dreams perhaps! Thank you for the encouragement, Linda


How fab is that, and that we can enjoy the delights of a full English and still lose weight, running is the best isn't it?!!


Hi juicyju!

How fab indeed! And I REALLY did enjoy my lunchtime breakfast today! I think cutting a lot of the carbs is helping most (as well as the running of course!)


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