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Had to force myself out the door today, it's been such a struggle to get motivated since graduating, I really have just felt shattered and lost all of my new determination skills, I gained from doing c25k. Im not sure if this is normal, maybe it is, after having the structure of a plan and to aim for that goal. But anyway, I went out with the stepping stones podcast, I think this is the way to go, (for anyone who hasn't used it before) it gives you lots of tips on improving your running skills, things I have problems with, slouching, crossing my arms over my chest, etc its helpful to be corrected on them.

But what I found odd is that in this run I felt like I was running faster, and I thought that was the point, the beats per minutes increased so I should have been running faster ?? no ?? I tried my best to keep to the beat and counted pretty much the whole run, I thought i'd done well but it doesn't make sense to me

my stats read nearly exactly the same for each km

1km 7:21

2km 7:27

3km 7:27

4km 7:23

Giving me 4 km in 29:50

When I done my runs that were 5k in length before graduation, my stats read,

1km 7:05

2km 6:29

3km 6:53

4km 6:46

5km 7:32

Giving me 5:01 in 34:49

So if id kept going up to the 5k I would have been well over my time I've achieved previously. I don't really get it, not sure if I was doing something wrong. The previous runs were on road with a couple of big hills but mostly flat, whereas this was in a field, that was half hills and half flat, would that maybe slow me down. Hmmm.

But anyway, glad to be back out running again and blogging.

Not taking a week off again, I feel like i'm back in week one, so achey.

But feeling one hundred times better than I did before I went out. :-)

Happy Running folks :-)

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I suspect there is a sort of withdrawal time after graduation ... where one feels both elated about graduation and curious/worried about what to do next? I downloaded all three stepping stones podcasts... OMG! Don't be put off by the podcasts. I have found them a source of much merriment, can't help but fall about laughing at the soppy pace/rate expected with all those beats per minute! Must just be me but I can't make forward progress and place my feet in time with Laura's 1,2,3,4 beats, all I can do is run on the spot cos the counting is so fast I can't risk raising my feet and moving forward (that just takes too much time!) Instead, I have had to abandon that concept. I'll download my own music again, maybe faster than in the past, but I'll move at a rate which allows a build-up of forward momentum and doesn't kill me! What on earth am I doing that's wrong? I'm still able to do my 5ks and am gradually getting faster but my stats just don't make sense with Laura's BPM counting!

You're right though, apart from the laughter (almost to incontinence!) caused by the post-grad podcasts, how very much better I feel these days after completing any running outing! :D


Omg ! I wont be able to use stepping stones podcast again without laughing at that thought of you running on the spot ! :-) love it. That was a fantastic description. Still chuckling. X


well done you for getting out there, I find t really hard to run to the counting and I always end up nearly tripping over!!! Good luck and keep running!!!


Well done for getting back out there though..... I had a bit of a lull too so know what you mean.

I think the idea of stepping stone is to be able to at a run consistent pace which you have managed really well - and a bit slower is also good for getting into the longer durations..... Speed will come

Happy running


I sort of know what you mean, having graduated 2 or 3 weeks ago myself.

I've enjoyed the 2 podcasts I've done; I rather liked running to the beat and Laura's "1,2,3,4" kept me on time. I found stepping stones a bit too slow but stamina was perfect for me. Like you, I actually found I did my worst time. On the other hand I ran pretty easily for 5k, even if it took me nearly 40 mins, rather than 36. I also ran for longer than ever before and I could feel my technique improving.

The podcasts helped me get my running no no back, so I've downloaded the bridge to 10k ones and have decided to download some of the audiophile ones as well. One good thing about the podcasts is that I now know my running speed is 157-160bpm so I can look for music with that beat.


Bloody auto correct - hope you can translate my post above! "Running no no" is meant to be "running mojo" and audiophile should be audiofuel. Tsk.


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