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Stepping Stones - try #1


Don't know if this post should be on here or whether it should be on a post-graduation forum - advice, please. I tried the post-C25K Stepping Stones today, just about kept my paces in time with the beat but had to shorten my stride to do it. Found it quite hard. All in all though, a good start and given that there was a walk at the front, 30 minutes of running in the middle and then an even longer walk at the end (got my timing all wrong and was a long way from home at the end of the podcast) the rate/km wasn't too bad. I'll measure just the running bit next time to get a real feel for my pace. Whatever, it was good to be out there running - I actually enjoyed it!

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Well done David! Posting on here is fine, just fine :)

I told you I found the stepping stones podcasts bit odd, didn't I? ...I think ,my little soft shoe dance may have been stride shortening now you mention it:) Not a dance at all!

You did really well indeed.. and the pace too.. I think a few of us have had long walks home!

It is great that you are feeling chipper and are out there again and.. you said it yourself... Enjoying it.. win, win x


Yeah, go for it David! Well done.

I did make a comment to someone the other day who gave no hint in title or post that they were actually talking about the Bridge to 10k plan and talking about Week 10, which could be confusing. As long as there is clarity it is useful for undergraduates to see what people are doing after C25K.

Keep it up.


Well done! I tried this a couple of weeks ago and thought I was going to pass out. I hadn't run since! Ha ha

Went out tonight though and feel back into running again. Might try the podcast again ...

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Hidden

I had to shorten my stride or there was no way I could keep up with the beat. Yeah, try it again. I'm supposedly trying some "speedwork" with my local running club on Thursday ... goodness knows what my coaching lady has in store: speed and I haven't met yet!

Hidden in reply to davidhwynn

But you and stamina seem well acquainted!

I run with my school running club and speed work really increased my pace.


Wow, that's amazing, well done

I tried it too on Sunday. It was hard and I had to walk a few steps when the increased pace met with a slight incline! Off out today to try again on a hopefully flatter route! It was fun though, and my time was a little faster.

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Maztink

I think my actual running section may have been a bit faster, but I totally mis-judged it and was so far from home at the end that my warm-down walk was more like a route march! That final walk also included a handicap of lifting a child's bike over a cattle grid thing. Next time I'll just measure the running bit.


Well done! I like stepping stones and stamina, in fact I was out today and one of them came on in the middle of my music and I was really pleased - until I found myself doing the usual 'one, two, three oh damn missed it two two no one two three four yes! Oh damn three four one three no two bugger one two three four one two three four' dance until I can settle into the rhythm 😁


I ran with this cheeky monkey today, it's not easy is it? No idea why, on paper it's not so hard as Stamina, but it's a hard podcast. Well done you if you completed it xx

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

after a fashion. Had to reduce stride length to keep up with the pace, I guess also reducing actual pace as well!

Gosh I must have pathetic little strides as i find even the slowest speed of ss much too slow, I need to hover in the air; i think my normal strides don't cover much ground but are really fast - although since I started the C25K I've joked that my brisk walk warm-up is actually faster than my running.......

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