Stepping stones

Hi all -

just wanted to report in my first post-graduation run.

After spending an hour trying to get the C25K+ podcasts to download to my ipod (finally achieved but I'm no clearer about what went wrong/right and at which point- I was just so relieved to be able to go out!) I set out tonight and chose to do the stepping stones podcast.

It was good to hear Laura, good to have her tell me that I'm a 'real runner' now - and oh so lucky it would seem - because if she hadn't carefully made me feel like a runner before I started then I'm sure I'd have given up before the end! I'm slow, I know that, but after 9 weeks of Laura telling me to go a bit slower if necessary because getting to the end of the time/distance is the most important thing, it was a bit of a culture shock to have her telling me to hurry up! Especially as the fastest part of the run was on the hills on the second lap... Still, I did it (didn't manage to keep the pace for all of the last 5 minutes but equally didn't given up and stop either) and feel pretty good about it :-) Think I'm going to stick to this podcast this week, having listened to the intros of the others in the series :-) Happy running all :-)


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19 Replies

  • Great stuff, well done. Your perseverance of the podcast paid off, look at you now well pleased with yourself, and so you should be well done. 😊

  • Thanks NewTo :-) I'm loving it and getting a little better/faster each week - couldn't ask for more really :-)

  • Fantastic :) I'm pretty sure why I tried the podcasts when I graduated I struggled and never used them again. If you remember how to get music onto an apple device, all help welcomed here. I have an iphone and last time I went to put music on it spent most of my time swearing at iTunes (which just loves to crash a lot too!)

  • Ha- I think every tune on my ipod got there through some tortuous route I still haven't pinned down! :-)

  • :) ditto!

  • Sounds good Potty. It's lovely to choose how you run now isn't it?

  • Sure is, Irish :-) :-)

  • So does this podcast actually make you go quicker / further? I haven't downloaded them yet - am just re-tracing my Week 9 runs and trying to reach a point where I feel a bit stronger / more confident with the 30+ minutes before I move on to whatever's next.... :)

  • Hi Lynne - it gives you a number of beats per minute to run to, the music supports it and Laura keeps reminding you by calling out 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 at the speed your feet need to be hitting the floor. The stepping stones one starts at 150 bpm for, I think , 5 mins, increases to 150 bpm for 20 mins, then increases to 160bpm for the final 5 minutes. There's the usual 5 min warm up/cool down walk at each end too. The warm up is at 150bpm too. I did go a little further - a couple of lamp posts or so - but I definitely didn't come anywhere near my 5K and hadn't covered as much extra ground as I felt I ought to have given how hard I felt I'd worked.

    In spite of that disappointment, I felt great about my run and plan to use these podcasts until I'm not afraid to run hard - that's what holds me back from trying- the fear that I'll do too much too soon and not be able to finish - I think these podcasts will help with that.

    I listened to selective bits of the speed and stamina podcasts last night when O came back and they seem to be a similar format -running at a number of bpm - I can't remember quite how they go but I know that after last night's session I thought I'd give it a few sessions with the stepping stones podcast before I move onto either of them.

    Forgot to mention that all the way through Laura was giving advice on posture and running style etc - very helpful.

    The music, in my opinion, was awful elevator type stuff, but I can live with it for the time being

  • There are 3 NHS 5k+ podcasts. 2 for stamina 1 for speed. The stamina ones gradually build up the pace for 30 to 35 minutes. The speed one is short bursts of fast runinng with walking in between. I use them regularly - particularly the stamina one & I do go further each time. The music is better than the C25K podcasts & you get Laura's encouragement throughout. It was a bit of a system shock the first time I used them but the 2nd time was great

  • Hi Sharon, yes I listened to bits of the other two last night too. I'm going to do a few sessions of the stepping stones one to start with to break me in- it was a shock but did feel good at the end! :-)

  • I like the stamina one. I finished C25K in November, and I'm still using C25K+ stamina even though I now run 10km on weekdays and 14km at the weekend. I just run 2 copies of it back to back :)

  • That's great to hear, Zev - and an inspiration! :-)

  • I use all 3 and have since I graduated last August. At first I found them really hard and couldn't keep up the pace all the way through. I can now though (only just now if I 'm honest) but they have made the most difference to my running. Even if you can't keep it up, stick with it, the benefits are enormous. I find when I'm doing it I feel a bit ploddy, but the next run I will feel lighter on my feet and like I could run for ever...

  • Thanks Curlygurly :-) I have to say that I did actually feel good when I finished and positive about carrying on with them! Looking forward to feeling like I could run forever ;-)

  • I hated the podcasts when I first graduated so did my own thing for a few weeks then came back to them and I love them now, definitely helping me to get faster.

  • Hi Loose, I think I pretty much came full circle during that session on Monday - hope so 'cos I'm going out with stepping stones again tomorrow night and am excited to see how I get on :-). Thanks for sharing your experience - it's encouraging to think it will help me get faster :-)

  • I tried the stepping stone one for the run after graduation but hated it so did week 9 repeatedly for a couple more weeks. I have now retried stepping stone and it's ok and I feel ready for it and seem to be running a little further and faster each time. I've tried to do 5 k once a week and just rewind the last 10 minutes or so so laura and her music keep going long enough. I will try something new every couple of weeks I think. Would like to do stamina but it needs a bit longer than 30 minutes plus the 5 minutes warm up and cool down and stretches, and I just don't have time for more at the moment.

    Keep going. This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, so you don't have to rush and get it right straight away.

  • Hi Jo - you're absolutely right of course :-) It IS a lifestyle change - wise words. I do Park Run on Saturdays - it takes me just short of 40 mins. If my run with stepping stones goes OK tomorrow night I might use it on Saturday and see if it helps :-)

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