Stepping Stones

Graduated earlier this week and tried the Stepping Stones podcast today for the first time and I loved it. It took a while to get into the rhythm - the first part was too too slow for me, but I found that by trying really hard to 'run to the beat' I was very comfortable, hardly got out of breath at all (unlike usual!). Then when the beat upped I could run more easily to it and I think it really helped me go at a steady pace, not keep changing. Then when I got home and measured how fast I had run it was quicker overall than I have ever before! I was really chuffed although it is still pretty slow by most people's standards. Will definitely use it a few more times to get more familiar with it before I try something else.

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  • I've struggled both with the stamina & speed podcasts, it's very hard to run to a beat, the slow bits feel too slow but the fast bits too fast :) It's been a few weeks so I plan to try again next week, looks like you've done really well first time round, impressed!

  • Give the stepping stones a go - although I found it slow to begin with (and I know I wasn't always in time!) overall it was very effective. Running without a beat meant I tried too hard and got very out of puff then had to slow right down. This time I felt I had energy to spare at the end. Let us know how you get on...

  • Thanks for the encouragement, can't wait to try again with my new trainers I got today (sure they'll make me go faster ;)) I'm sure eventually I will manage them, I'm not ready to give up yet!

  • Well done on getting to grips with the Stepping Stones podcast. Just goes to show the individual experiences we have with these things - I tried it for the first time today and didn't get on with it at all. I'm pleased it's working for you though - enjoy, good luck and best wishes.

  • Yes! We are all different and so although we all support each other on this forum we need to remember that we cannot tell others what is best for them. You are SO encouraging, but never put people off by telling them what they are doing is wrong. Thank you.

  • Criticism is so counter productive, I think. I've been on the receiving end of it so often. As to what other people are doing - if it's comfortable and works for them then it cannot be wrong, if it's not comfortable or doesn't work for them they'll know in their own mind that something needs adjusting and ask for advice or figure it out themselves. Putting others down is so demoralising. Have good weekend. Cheers.

  • I started the Stepping Stones podcast last week and I put the 'slowness' of sticking to the beat in the first instance to my having very long legs! - therefore stride seemed all wrong. But I was interested in trying to getting the footfall under the body - and this helped get into the steady rhythm. I was very surprised that hills were more manageable- no where here to run without hills!! So to have managed them better with sticking to the beat was very heartening. Breathing was also more controlled and steady - so never to old to learn!! Looking forward to this weeks running now!

  • That's interesting, I too am quite tall and had thought that this might have contributed to finding it tricky to stick to the slower beat. The instructions given by Laura were very helpful, I thought, making me think about what each part of my body was doing and relax more. I purposefully try to avoid hills, so well done to you!

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