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Second go at Stepping Stones

Just did Stepping stones for the second time, this time no puddle jumping and I managed to keep to the beat and really enjoyed it. When I set out it was foggy and the moon was shining through the haze, absolutely magical, then the sun came out, I'm a lucky bugger.

As is becoming a habit after the session I carried on running for another 22 minutes and ended up doing a grand total of 4.7 miles with an average pace of 10:59 min/mile.

Although I am amazed and very proud of the distance I've just run the thing I am most pleased with is that when the dog ran off after a deer that crossed our path I was able to call her back to heel (after yelling her name for about 30 seconds, I can run, but not train dogs) without breaking stride or losing puff, this after 45 minutes of running.

It really felt like I could have carried on.The only part of me that was starting to grumble was my thighs, in fact at the end of it my legs felt like the early days of C25K, which I've missed (must be a masochist).

I fear there may be a price to pay as my bad knee is starting to grumble a bit, so I've iced it up, but even if I have to rest for a couple of extra days I've smashed both the 4 mile and the 7K barrier and I am within a whisker of 5 miles.

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Sounds like a great run, some great acheievments


You and me both mattaitch, in fact I've signed dog and me up for another training course, we'd have more run fun if her recall was better. But the first time I ever managed 5k was running backwards and forwards and bellowing for the blasted creature who had done a bunk...

Sounds like a lovely run, will spur me on to crack 4 miles.


It sounds like you had a great run. Well done on hitting your new PBs.


Well done you - keep going like this and you'll be good for - what - a half marathon next summer? (without the dog...) :-)


I try not to think about the 'M' word as it seems insane, but whatever happens the dog has to come ("nobody puts Bobble in a corner").



Get to 10K first and then have a serious talk with the dog. :-) Mine wouldn't thank me for a half marathon... not that I've any intentions of doing one. 5K round the woods is a lot more than I was aiming for when I started this end July and I'm going to stick there. Reducing the time and effort involved is my aim now, along with arriving back home with my face a normal colour.

Go for it!


She's the hairier one in my profile picture and she's already doing at least 10K with all the running back and forth and chasing after other dogs, rabbits and Bambi.

Personally I'd love to do 10 miles at there is something about a the phrase "10 mile run" that smells of Victory. 'M' words just seem like showing off.


Well, you're about half way there now! Be a nice challenge for the New Year maybe.

And now I'm off to try and persuade my knees that they enjoyed keeping up with Laura's 1-2-3-4 during my second go at Speed. Lungs managed better but knees still unsure... wish I'd started this about twenty years ago. :-(


I am in total awe. 22 minutes' run AFTER Stepping Stones? And 5 miles and a PB?!!!! And it sounds a fantastic run in terms of experiencing the moon, the deer etc. All very, very good.


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