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W8R1 Here I come!! was my W7R3. The start was not so good, stones inside the shoe so after 2 minutes walking had to stop the walk and remove the shoe and shake off the stones.Then when I was about to start the run, I just remembered I was not wearing my comfy ‘Sports Bra’! It was working in my mind for about 10 minutes while running, then I managed to forget it and concentrate on Laura’s music. Not the best music but I kept going. (I feel sad to leave Laura as she gives me such encouragement, so decided to use her music as long as I can.)

Anyway, I ran/jogged and ran/jogged and ran/jogged! It was 12C even though the sun was not fully smiling; so my next obstacle- I was regretting wearing a short top under the T Shirt , ( short sleeves but two layers!!) it was too hot! I always put a head-band over the ears so I do not have any problems with my ear-phones falling off half way or hair coming onto my eyes (I need a hair cut as well!) and I was too hot! I thought that I was going to stop the run, too many obstacles from the start and I was getting annoyed with myself and music was annoying me too. It was not fun to listen to the same music thrice when it is not the best! BUT THEN the Monkey on the shoulder challenged me! Sooo, I knew I was not going to stop until Laura asked me to stop at the end. I could not run the last minute faster to prove myself that I can do the fast running (as Laura asked me to).I was too tired and too hot! Anyway at the end, I completed my 5K in 34minutes 56 Seconds. Am I happy? Of course I am!

This time I think it is 5K or maybe a bit more as I did an extra walk at the end because when I calculated using my good old ‘Bing Map and Post Codes’ it said I was running/jogging/walking 5.2K all this time but when I did it in the car two days ago, it said I was only doing 4.9K. Now to make it up to 5K I do an extra few meters. More is ok for me, less is not too good. As some of you know I try to do 5K because my Race in July is 5K.

Now to GARMIN: I decided I am going to buy one, but as a present to myself when I graduate, hopefully at the end of this month. (Thank you very much rockchick69, it is a great idea!) I will have to have a break from my running anyway from 30th April until 2-3 weeks in May due to the hand surgery, so I can start a new route/s with my Garmin in hand when I re-start my running. That would be great!

OK then..Run 8 here I come!!

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fantastic blog, really enjoyed reading that, and well done you are doing amazingly well!!! One question....what on earth is a 'Garmin'??????


You made me smile juicyju, what you said about Garmin reminded me of the song 'Who the hell is Alice'!!

Glad you enjoyed the blog, thanks.. later thought that the blog was a bit too long..

Garmin=The Garmin Forerunner series is a selection of sport watches produced by Garmin. Most models use the Global Positioning System (GPS), and are targeted at road runners and triathletes. Forerunner series watches are designed to accurately measure distance, speed, heart rate (optional), time, altitude, and pace, all of which can be important to athletes in training. (Took this on line, especially for you to know what on earth) is gamin!! :=)


Yes! You are doing really, really well, mini! Rah rah rah! :)

And you will sooooo love your garmin! :D


Many thanks Dear greenlegs! Once I get my Garmin, I will explore new places while running!!


Love it! All those problems at the beginning and then you casually mention the 5K. Grrr! No wonder you were hot.

Enjoy week 8. :-)


Thank you con-brio..I am happy that I made 5K in 34/56 but to be honest I got to do this under 30 minutes (for pressure from anyone) in July so want so much to run faster..I still jog even though I call it 'running'!


Well done you. Better time than me and even after you had all those things nagging at you! Let us know how you get on with the Garmin; I keep looking at them and wondering whether I should put one on my wish list!


Many thanks loulou51, I was told that Garmin is not a 'want' but a 'need' when running, so there you go! They are expensive which made me think whether to buy or not to buy for so long..but I found an excuse to buy one..when I graduate! I will put a blog when I do get one at the end..


Well done and great post.

You summarise the frustrations of running and the mental issues so well.

My last run out side was also too hot. Too many layers, GPS and watch attached to the outside of the multitude of layers. Hat too hot, removed and earphones falling out. OMG this is annoying!

But when, yes when, the tech behaves, the earphones stay in and the body stays at a reasonable temp. Yes, when...... Oh it is so good!

I run indoors mostly as I can control this stuff, but my next will be an outside and if I get the tech sorted, then I am looking forward to wearing less and running more.

Thanks for your post, you 100% crystallised all our issues! (except the bra, for me as I can only imagine what a hassle that is from my wife's comments)


Thank you shinjin, glad that you enjoyed reading the blog! I used to go a gym some years ago but never did 'running or jogging' there, did all the other stuff. Do you know why? I could not run or jog-did not have stamina and could not run even a minute, so to save me from embarrassing myself, I avoided them all together. This is the truth, whole truth, nothing but the truth. That is why I say if I can do this C25K, anyone can.

Running outside is nice, if I am given a choice, I would chose to run out side every time. It is nice, fresh air..different noise than in a gym, and you see things, interesting things:

One day (I think in my week 6) when I was running I saw an old man watching me standing by the side of the road with something in his hand..when I got closer I realised it was a can of Beer. He was old, I think he even had a walking stick. He said ‘loong way to go sweetheart..long way to go' and pointed to the road in front of me-it's a straight road, and smiled! Here I was running my last 10 minutes and dead tired but it made me smile…and reminded me of (for some bizarre reason) an American Cowboy film, and felt that I was running in a dry dessert even though the cold wind was on my face. Funny things happen when you run out side..strange things and amusing things wave at you, dogs run with you..people give way (you feel a runner then!), vehicles give way (I always wave back to say thank you!) nothing like running out even if the ear -hones fall down, and too cold to run or too hot, I would always run out side! Go for it shinjin, you’d love it


Wow, loved this! (Though had an odd moment wondering what on earth the old man had in his hand!!!!! :O )

Running outside can definitely be quite interesting. :)


Ha ha greenlegs, what did you think that the old man may be having in his hands, heh?!

Good day to you tomorrow... good luck to you for your running!


I was really worried when you wrote a old guy had something in his hand too. There are some funny folk about!

Anyway point taken about the outside runs. I do them occasionally and will probably do them more as the weather improve and I know what I have to prep for.

I should also get some new headphones that stay put. Maybe that is a good question to write!


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