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W8R1 - Success despite attempted sabotage...


So, I couldn't wait... Had planned 2 rest days from my Sunday run, but was too impatient to start W8. It's dry, bright, not windy... What more excuse does a novice runner need?! ;)

Thought I might need to change things up a bit to keep me going for 28 whole minutes, so headed along the canal in the opposite direction to 'usual'. It was a treat, much quieter that way - so much so that I could hear my heavy breathing over Laura and my music... Oops!

Lovely glimpses of horses grazing in the fields the other side of the towpath, peaceful water lit up by the sun, ducks today chilling out on the banks sunbathing, Then I reached the marina (and little pub... Resisted the temptation to stop off for a cheeky glass) at just over halfway through my run, before heading back for the second half.

Disaster almost struck towards the end of my run as a young couple, accessorised with dogs, the first people I'd seen on 'my' canal path, tried to stop me to ask if they were heading the right way to the marina... I jerked an earphone out, gasped at them in disbelief, pointed behind me and yelled breathlessly whilst running away from them "can't stop, sorry, Laura hasn't said I'm done... keep going that way!" How very rude of me not to stop. Not to mention appearing a little unhinged to strangers. Not to worry.

Made the 28 mins in spite of dog couple's efforts to de-rail me ;) Delighted. :) Really was shattered though... Was well into cool down walk before breathing returned to normal.

Really must be patient now. Can't really run again until Friday, more's the pity. :)

Happy running all x

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This has just brightened my day, glad you managed it even if 2 young dog walkers now think there is a wierdo on the loose, I argue with Laura when I'm going round and didn't realise someone was behind me last week!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to hel212000

Thank you, and I'm secretly glad you're a little tapped like me. Used to give Laura a piece of my mind too... Until we became friends around W5R3 and I stopped saying rude words to her. ;) Go for it, good luck with your next run... Chances are we'll both be reported for strange behaviour before graduation. :) x

Wow, well done. Great picture in my head of you on "your" tow path, waving frantically.

I did same run yesterday. Found it really hard, and really stiff today (unusually)! Reckon its down to wheezy chest from cough, and going mid-afternoon, only an hour after lunch. Never gone that time of day before. I made it but the 14-20 mins bit I was running so slowly I was practically in reverse! Saw two elderly people walking ahead of me and did actually wonder if I could overtake them. Last 8 mins it was ok again. Weird and wonderful world of c25k eh! On we go! Good luck with the rest of the week.

SlowstartGraduate in reply to HelsbelswhatamIdoing

It's when the elderly couple overtake you that you need to start worrying

Hels Bels - Well done for your run! :) ive said it before but honestly every single persons run successes feel like a personal triumph! Think it's because we all know how the others are feeling :) It WAS a tough run, I did notice those extra few minutes to be honest, but if this lark was easy we wouldn't feel so proud when we achieve it. Good luck with your next one, we're getting so close! X

28 mins. What a star. Understand completely what you mean about that lost couple. A smile and wave is all they can expect from us Runners eh?

Keep going strong you're almost there :)

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan :) Can smell graduation now! Am thinking of getting a custom t shirt made along lines of "don't talk to me - crazy lady running" just to deter any other potential saboteurs x


Well done running past the pub, not something I have had to contend with yet, but it must have taken a great deal of will power.

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Slowstart

Certainly did ;) Wouldve found it harder to run past the chip shop though... :)


Yes! Go you, you little runner you!

Absolutely brilliant and a wonderfully descriptive post...!

Chilled out ducks..wonderful :)

Very well done for resisting the cheeky little glass.. even small sips and canals..bad combination:)

You do realise you have probably traumatised those two folk.. they will never walk that way again...!

Good job they did not try to wrestle you to the floor thinking you 'had' been for a tipple!

So nearly there too.. slow, steady and the finish line is almost in sight.. Go Youx

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Too many of the cheeky ones at the weekend Floss, felt right to abstain today ;)

They did look somewhat shocked. I expect I was a little stinky from over exertion, else they may well have had a pop at wrestling me down for my own good ;)

Will look out for your run report... :) x


Very funny!

I always thought runners were a bit bonkers and now I'm doing it too (currently on week 6) I know it for a fact!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Neverrunmum

Crazed fools, the lot of us... Good isn't it?! ;)


Ha, ha Running-Scared, I can just see the looks on those peoples faces! They must have thought you were from the local looney bin, bet they looked behind you to see if Laura was after you (waving her strait-jacket).

Lovely that you had a good run, I think week 8 is a lot better than W7!

But don't go too fast. There is a real risk of injury (and you're not allowed to run faster than me!). No, really I think anyone can run faster than me!

Bet you'll love the next run on Friday. I'm going again tomorrow but haven't decided whether slow or fastish, or a combination. Having had 2 really fun runs I'm probably due for a disappointment - but maybe not, who knows with this running lark! Never would have thought in January that I'd be enjoying it so much!

Onwards and upwards😎👍

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Good luck with tomorrow's run, do what feels right and suits you best pace-wise, you'll smash it and I'll be waiting to hear all about it ;)

Given the state of my breathing, I do think I was a little nippier today but will make sure I stick to snail special on Fridays run (assuming the men in white coats haven't come for me by then...;))

Hmmm, the laws of running shall soon unfold... The 'bad' ones just slip in to keep us on our toes. Actually the Run2 tends to be my "bogey" run, looking back on the past 2 weeks, hopefully Friday will break the cycle.

Go you tomorrow, nearly there now! X


Well done you..... on all counts!

You really made me giggle.

I used to swear at Laura alot & in fact I still when using the stamina & speed podcasts. Sorry Laura.

I also scared a woman at a bus stop when I got a PB and rather loudly & breathlessly shouted "get in" with a fist pump!!!!! 😆😆😆

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Noaky12

Reckon we could set up a small business getting rid of people's hiccups, runners definitely got the monopoly on scaring members of the general public. I made a poor elderly gentleman dog walker jump out of his skin the other day shouting "don't stop!" to myself too. Think may be barred from the canal before graduation....

Glad it's not just me doling out the expletives to Laura ;) x


I want to run 😭😭😭

Sounds like another resounding success. I'm well jel of all you week Eighters.

I was reading this with a sense that you had upped the pace. Hurtling towards graduation now. Hope I'll be hot on your heels this weekend. Back easing ever so slightly.... Or I may just be kidding myself because I want to run!!!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to PumpKim

Not long now PumpKim, give that back of yours chance to keep easing.

No clue really if I was any faster or just more knackered due to the extra 3 minutes! ;) I feel like I'm quicker than I was and am itchingly twitching to know just how slow, and how far... But not til after graduation. I know I'll feel on a downer if I'm only covering 2k or running slower than I even imagine so don't want to spoil it for myself :)

You'll be back out there in just a few days, hang in there, just think how much you'll enjoy your runs Friday and Sunday because you've been longing for them. Youll be right. Still on track. Promise x


Well done - and don't worry you'll never see the young couple again, so you'll never have to explain :)

I used to think people were a bit weird when they said they stopped to talk to a herd of cows, or a coupe of horses in a field. Until a coupe of weeks ago I was on a long run and talked to a field of lambs in a field. "baaa" I said, and what do you know they answered "baaa". I kept it up for almost the full length of the field. They looked a bit stunned!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to rmnsuk

Hilarious! Exactly the kind of thing I'd do too (without stopping... Ain't no animal in the kingdom going to make me need to repeat a run!) ;). Have been known to also mutter "mind that dog poo" to myself on more than one occasion... Problem with earphones... Think no one can hear you when wearing them... ;)


Ha Ha ! Brilliant post !

We are all fully fledged members of Laura's Barmy Army !

I once ran past a field full of cows . They were all stood at the fence chewing away very silently , just gawping at me with their beautiful brown eyes . I had to let out a " Yeeeee-arrrrrr " Just couldn't help myself ! Ha ha ! :-) xxx

Noaky12Graduate in reply to poppypug

I normally mutter "stay away, get back" when I see cows. Petrified of the things. Except Highland Coos strangely. I like them...........


I remember being stopped mid run by a car driver wanting directions , hmmmm so hard to remain polite so well done youb:)

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