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Parkrun here I come !

Well I have finally registered ! So now need to print my bar-code and get myself there !

When I graduated at the end of June it was my next target after the Rainbow run :) I have since done the Race for Life in July , volunteered at a local half marathon ( is a new skill I have acquired handing out water to runners !!!) plus marshalled at a NT 10 K run and completed a fun run in the local carnival week which was nearly all up hill and 5 miles !!!!

I have keep up running 3 times a week and in fact when out on the local trail back in July I spoke to a man who was checking the trail ready for the half marathon and suggested I enter , I said I was only doing 5K so he invited me to try a 10K in October . So since the "fun run" I have been running for 1/2 an hour twice a week and building up a longer run each week and proudly I ran 8.41 km yesterday continuously . So I think I am on target :)

At the start of 2015 ( in fact started C25K end of April) I never dreamt I would be running and now can't visualise not !

I now buy Woman's running magazine each month and even followed a recipe !!

So addictive this running lark and still have Parkrun to try which I sure will become a new addiction with trying to improve PB !!!

Do try and pop in to congratulate new runners when they graduate but not as often as I would like so sorry for that !

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You will love parkrun I am sure, it is a great event and always a great crowd lots of support and encouragement form all .

You have been busy since C25K :) and from what you say thoroughly enjoying it :D yup it is totally addictive the more you do the more you want to do :)

Good luck on Saturday and have fun :D you just have to go now you have said it here ;)

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Thanks , won't make it this week but is my target for September !

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You will love Park Run really don't know why you haven't done it sooner ....... lol Well done for all your achievements !! :)

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Thanks , have heard is quite a hilly one so wanted to get a bit more confident 1st ;)


Hills on parkrun are not an issue. It's a well known fact that parkruns only have downhill sections on them. Uphill bits are banned.

It's just that some of the downhills have to be run in the wrong direction, but don't worry about trivialities like that ;)

Have a great time at parkrun. You'll love it.


That seems like a great motivation for you and it is brilliant that you are actively training for it too. I am on week 7, run 3 on Friday (25 mins) but was a little cheeky and decided on day 2 to run 5K to see if I could. I did it in a slowish time but know what the distance looks like now. Would your pattern of 2 x 30 minute runs and 1 x 5K (which at my speed with be around 40 mins) a week build me up well - seems like a good plan but don't feel ready for 3 x 5K right now. Julie


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