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Week 6 Run 3 - I DID IT! Laura says I am now officially a runner!!!! Wow

7 weeks ago when I read about the Couch to 5 k plan I would never have believed I'd be running for 25 minutes non-stop six weeks later. I struggled to run the 60 second bursts back on week one but today I am amazed at my progress, I ran non-stop without even getting a stitch. Somehow this longer run was easier than stopping and starting on the running/walking podcasts? And when Laura told me at the end of the podcast that I am now officially I runner I jumped for joy. Doing 5k Race for Life next Sunday and am feeling confident that I can really do this now. Thank you Laura, thank you C25K :) Start week 7 on Tuesday

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Its a great way to end week 6 to hear that you are a runner, good luck with your race foe life and week 7


I completed that one yesterday, I felt over the moon with the progress from the very first week. Well done to you.


I did that one yesterday morning. It was great to have Laura tell us that we're officially runners now! :-) And I have my Race for Life next Sunday too.


Well done, I completed this Friday and it was sucha great feeling to complete this one.

Like you I sort of found this easier than the runs with intervals, which I also thought strange.

Best of luck for the Race for Life and week 7


Oh well done thats brill, thats my next run and I am a bit nervous although I did last weeks 20 mins fine,good luck for next week!


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