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Week 6 Run 3 - In the bag WooHoo, Laura says I'm a runner now :)


I did it, I really did!! I am so proud of myself and happy! I have heard some of you lovely people say about punching the air and feeling emotional after completing this one but I really could have cried real tears as I walked down my road with Laura telling me how well I had done. I cant quite believe that 6 weeks ago I couldnt even run for a minute let alone 25 minutes. To add even more to my joy, when I looked at runkeeper once home I realised that I completed the second half on a slight incline! I really deserved my creme egg last night.

So now to start maintaing longer runs and building up to the 30 minute mark. I have decided to stat ignoring the 5K side of the plan title and just concentrate on getting to 30 minutes for now and take it from there.

I have promised myself new trainers properly fitted for the end of week 9 and as I knew Laura was going to tell me that I was now a proper runner I bought a Buff yesterday and wore it to run last night as I no longer feel a fraud for wearing proper running stuff!! They are AMAZING. Who knows I may even venture into the leggings soon!!

Thanks again for all your support :)

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Congratulations, you are a runner!

To be honest the plan is all about running for 30 minutes and you are doing right by concentrating on that rather than the 5K.



Well done! You are 1 run ahead of me and I am feeling exactly like you. Looking forward to new trainers as a reward when I crack the 30 minutes. Then armed (footed?) with new trainers we can work on getting up to 5K.


Amazing! Well done you! Am so thrilled to hear your success story as it will further inspire my attempt with this run tomorrow. I too was Introduced to the use of a buff via this forum - what genius - and so simple an idea! I was gasping for air and prone to asthma when the outside temperatures got really cold, so the simple buff serves to keep my nose, mouth and inhaled air warmer. Who cares a jot about looks now! After all ... you're a runner - must be true - Laura said so! ;)

Like you, I am aiming for time targets rather than distances. So many on here have said its the way to go. Concentrating on slow and steady we'll get there.

Bought my running shoes a few weeks ago (because my old ones weren't really up to much at all) - they have been the best investment yet! No more aches in feet and knees: so glad I got them when I did or I may not have made it this far.

Enjoy your shopping for new kit....soon it'll be t-shirts/tops for spring and summer.... Oh, and stock up on creme eggs while you can ... You are going to be successful all the way now.

(Interested to note that when I typed creme, the auto correct tried to change it to 'crime' ) arrrgggghhh LOL :D

Linda x :)


big big big :-) for you!!! very well done!

what a great achievement and I know you'll get to where you want to be before you know it.

Linda's right - stock up on those creme eggs as they can form part of your graduation dinner! (that, and champagne.......well, i'll be splashing out on cava ;-) )

i think its brilliant that youre concentrating on running and running for length of time rather than distance. that can come later.

keep us updated with your runs and good luck!!

ali x


Big achievement. :-)

All the best for week7.


What a really lovely blog! Well done you. Graduation is not far off now. :)

I love my buff - ok I look totally stupid in it, but my goodness it really works. I'd never heard of them before c25k. Have you watched the funny video with the man demonstrating them?

Thanks everyone!

Linda - Hope your run goes great, I am sure it will. Ali, Cava, now that's a good idea!

Crème eggs I shall stash or find another sin ;)

My Buff is definitely the new fashion accessory, my friend told me I couldn't possibly go out in it but I did and convinced myself I looked great, no mirrors when running though so who knows! I did watch the video, that man is hilarious!!

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