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Week 6 run 3, I am a runner (well, that's what Laura says anyway!)


Interesting reading this morning, do I enjoy running....? Well, that minute in the morning when I leave my husband in A warm bed and fumble around in the dark getting dressed (I get my gear ready the night before in a little pile by my wardrobe) is never enjoyable, then the five minute warm up in the cold... But then the first few steps of the run and the feeling afterwards is just fantastic, so yes, I enjoy it.

So, I'm a runner... Their was a mild feeling of distress when I finished the run today, I kept waiting for the magic words from Laura that everyone talks about and they weren't coming and I thought, maybe she doesn't think that I am... Then finally at the end of the warm down they came. Oh, the relief, and the exhilaration. Woohoo! I did it! 25 minutes.

Lessons learnt today, keep my head in the game. Around minute 15 I started doubting myself, started thinking about other stuff and found myself faltering but then I made a conscious decision to focus on my breathing and everything came right again, the last ten minutes were great, every footfall, every breath, every bounce of my ponytail (!), all felt in tune and when Laura said to speed up if I felt up to it, I did. Awesome.

Average speed was better too, 6.45 min/km and distance was 4.7km so pretty good. Am chuffed, just got to keep it up now.

Here's to next week! ;)

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Massive congratulations to you. :-) I'm doing this run on Saturday, hope it goes as well as yours?

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Hope it went well Julie!


and a huge well done for making it this far through the progam.

and me too, it's my W6R3 on Sunday morning .... like you am getting some decent pace too - so I might just keep the clock ticking until the end of the cool down walk and see if I can crack 5k (did 4.25k on W6R1)

Well done! Great speed too.


Well done great run for you. Good times/distance too. Nearly 5 k. Your blog made me chuckle, at your mild distress (in a nice way) when Laura hadn't said the magic words. :-)

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I know! I was quite panicked! It really did cross my mind that Laura had decided I wasn't good enough! :)

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