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Week 6 Run 3 So I'm a runner?? :-)

Today dawned just as the weatherman promised torrential rain and high winds :-( So we decided as the day was free that we'd wait for the window that was forecast and run then. The weatherman lied!!

We had a small soup and then miraculously at 1.30pm the sun came out so we went to the park. Phaedippides was out of sight allmost as soon as we set out (it's roughly a circular path round a woody park). My first five minutes was as usual really hard and I had to give myself a good talking to reminding myself that I'd done 20 minutes only a week ago so there was no excuse for this moaning.

Soon after Laura had encouragingly said 5 minutes I must have got into the mood and plodded on slowly and steadily just as I've been encouraged to do. There was an exceedingly silly song on the podcast which went "I've got both feet on the ground" - I hoped that at some point if only marginally I might have had both feet off??? That amused me as I "sped" on my way. Soon Laura said, as I was expecting, 12.5 minutes and I was fine ...noticing how the blackbirds were so busily looking for food so close to the path. It was about now that as i expected notpheidippides lapped me...I was quite pleased after his couple of weeks of unwellness.

Still I plodded on feeling quite relaxed and breathing well. When Laura said how about running faster for the last minute I did a couple of faster steps but then thought it wasn't quite my style and continued chugging along. At 25 minutes I blew my whistle so that NP would know the time was up but I didn't seem to be able to stop running:-) Laura hadn't told me I was a runner yet and I wanted still to be running when she said it :-) How mean of her to wait until the very end of the walk...but I had done it and 5 minutes extra:-) Yes Laura I think you're right I _am_ a runner albeit a very slow one :-) :-) I'm exultant :-) So wI had a peanut butter and apricot jam sandwich with a cup of peppermint tea as a celebration :-)

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Cheers to the two of you! I have enjoyed reading your journey along the way. Your story is a living testament to what C25K is all about. :-) Gayle


Thank you gayle. It's the fantastic encouragement on this site that has kept me going. I Believe in it wholeheartedly.


Yaaahoooo GO the believers! So good to hear of your officially achieving 'runner' status. Well done both (who cares if its sprinted or plodded?) you've done it! Definitely on the downhill track now....and you've done the 30 minutes already :) Just a few more 'consolidation' runs now. Graduation in clear sight! ;) Linda x


Oh well done, well done! 30 minutes in week 6! Stunning! :)

You really are a runner now!

Hope it posts this - my last 4 attempts on other threads have failed...


Thank you Greenlegs...I'm going sooo slowly that I wonder if it qualifies as running!


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