Week 6 run 3 I'm a runner! It must be true Laura says so!

Wow, I have just run for 25 whole minutes, yes I was slow but I kept moving for 25 whole minutes, it seemed to take ages to get to 12 minutes but 12 - 20 passed quickly and before I knew it Laura said I had 60 seconds left and I even managed to speed up for that last 60 seconds, I have to admit that when it was done and Laura said I was a runner I had a little cry, I feel so emotional and so so proud of myself, I never in a million years thought that I could do it and here I am 9 runs away from graduation. I'm so glad I found this site, seeing the inspirational posts and knowing that other people are going through what I am makes me feel part of a little community. I feel absolutely awesome this morning, I'm just hoping the effort I have put in this week is rewarded on the scales tomorrow.

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  • Well done H. You described exactly how I felt when I ran my first 25 mins. Brilliant. :) :) :)

    You should feel very proud of yourself. ๐Ÿƒ

  • Well done , it is quite an emotional moment :) all down to you , amazing what we can do :)

  • I loved that run and Laura at the end! I whooped! Didn't blub till W9R3 ;)

  • Well done. That's a great achievement. Hubby and I did the same run last night. We were very slow, but pleased that we didn't stop. I only wish that Laura spoke to us more often, it certainly seems a long way between 5 mins and 12 1/2 mins. We just have to keep doing more of the same now, it's all possible. Well done.

  • You're inspiring. I've just started out and I really hope I can get to where you are - it seems miles away! One step at a time :D

  • Thank you, I don't think ive ever inspired anyone in my life! It was someone on here who said just take it a day at a time, the time will pass anyway, I never thought I would enjoy it so much but I really love it. You can do it, will look forward to following your journey.

  • Well done hel, so inspiring - I plan to do the same run either Friday or Saturday - hope I can post something equally positive. 25 minutes does seem like a long long time!

  • Neverrunmum ........Did you do the run today? How did you get on? I managed to do the 25 mins today - bit slow at times but I kept going, hope you did well.

  • Hi there - did the run Friday morning - like you I managed to keep going for the 25 minutes. It wasn't pretty but I did it!

    Hoping the next three identical runs of Week 7 will get easier but you can never tell! Still not sure I'm a proper runner yet but definitely getting there.

  • Congratulations!! This is a huge step forward. Remember, slow and steady wins the race - it's not about speed at this stage, it's about having the mental stamina to keep on going, which you did. Well done! :)

    Good luck with week 7 - more 25 minuters. I hope that you enjoy them as much as you enjoyed your run today!! :)

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