Week 6 Run 3 .....Laura said I'm officially a runner. Wayhaaay!

Did the last run of week 6 this lunchtime. Fairly uneventful, air was cooler and cleaner today which helped. I confess, I was very glad when Laura said there were just 5 minutes left. At that point I usually start to pick up a bit and I definitely increased my speed during the last 60 seconds - as suggested on the podcast. I felt great at having got through this 25 minute run but will be thankful for the two days of rest until I start W7 on Monday. Happy running and a great weekend to you all, whether you are running or resting. Best wishes.

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  • Congratulations and have a great weekend. l just got back from w4r2, will rest this weekend and take w4r3 on Monday. Good luck for w7.

  • Well done! :-) You're on the home straight now! I did W8R1 earlier, so the jump from 25 to 28 minutes. If I'd felt less tired it would have been fine as, by the time I hit about 15-20 minutes I'm in auto-pilot and "JFDI". I was shattered though and it was a chore. Been up awake since 3am when I realised the new boiler (fitted yesterday) was leaking - as I lay in bed at just before 3am, wide awake, and thinking, 'what's that dripping sound and where's it coming from?!'. I didn't bother posting about today's run was too tired and cranky! :-)

    If you can do 25 minutes straight now then W7 is just a repeat of that, and the remaining two weeks just increments by a few mins. You can really do this!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Thank you. I'm getting more hopeful now that I can finish this. I must anyway if I'm to do the R4L in June. I noticed your post was conspicuous by its absence. Sorry to hear you are finding it a bit tough at the moment - being kept awake half the night probably didn't help. You've had quite a run of bad luck recently. Good luck with your W8R2 - you are so close to graduating now so stick with it. Best wishes.

  • Well done on another good run done and dusted.

  • That is grrrrrrreat Fitmo. Well done for completing the extremely testing week 6. I HATED that one.....

  • Hi Fitmo! Big congrats on finishing week 6, you're definitely on track for your race for life! Bet it's a great feeling... Well done and good luck for week 7 :)

  • Thanks rebby. How are you getting on with your runs at the moment, as I believe you were repeating a couple? Haven't seen any post as to how you are currently doing. Do let us know. Good luck and best wishes.

  • That one is a killer, I remember it well...well done!!

  • Well Done Fitmo! I completed week 6 run 3 yesterday as well. All on my own as my daughter is away for the weekend so thought I would struggle to keep going - but was well pleased when I managed to do it and Laura said I was "officially a runner". Took a different route to my usual one and made a mistake of starting and ending the run on an uphill section but I just kept plodding on ( I haven't managed to pick up any speed as yet) and before I knew it she said 5 minutes left - so there was no way I was going to give up at that point! Who knew that getting out in the fresh air and doing exercise could be so rewarding? Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Well done!!!! Me too and I feel great, just need to keep it up on hols!!

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