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Wk 6 run 3 - taadaa! Laura says I'm really a runner :D


I've been calling myself a runner from week 1, but it is now official. Thank you Laura!

Thanks to Fingalo's post about going out to run at 5am (no way), I made myself go out, despite really not feeling like it at all, and being rather unsure whether I could keep going for 25 minutes non-stop. But the programme usually works, so...

As in other recent runs, from about minute 7 to 10 I was thinking it was all too much, but kept going as I presumed it would get better eventually. Then Laura asked how I'm feeling - my response: "Who cares - just tell me how much I've done", and then she told me and I waved my arms and yelled 'I love you, Laura!' as I'd been going longer than I'd thought. Luckily I was on the outskirts of the village, with nobody around.

The rest was fine, although I hadn't calculated on the High School turning out just as I got back into the village. Loads of cars and buses, and pavements teeming with teenagers. So running in the road was out, and running on the pavement was out. I could have turned round and run back out of the village, but it would have meant a much longer cooldown walk. So I ended up running the last five minutes on a snowy verge, having to pick my feet up - and moving faster, albeit not much faster, than the teenagers were walking.

No rude comments either - though I'm probably so uncool as to be invisible.

So I am now feeling rather pleased with myself, and much chirpier than I was an hour ago. And it is snowing again. The Fieldfare isn't particularly relevant to the run, though I did see one sitting by the road. :)

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Yippeeee! You are a runner! True, you were a runner from day 1, but its a treat to hear Laura say those words, in your ears. :-) Well done!! Gayle


Thanks Gayle! It's lovely to think of someone so far away smiling for me!


Heck!!!!! Not only smiling...doing a happy dance!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

greenlegsGraduate in reply to gdeann

Now don't you go overdoing it and fall over! :)


Fair play to you Greeners!

Damn you too, I was hoping to catch up one run on you!

I have to say, you're much more adaptable than I am, you seem to be capable of running on every surface known to man. Or woman, for that matter.

All being well, I'll be hearing those words of Laura's next Monday, something I'm looking forward to.


Well, I did consider not running, to let you catch up, because it would be quite nice to have someone else on the same day, but decided that was really a rather lame excuse for not going out.

I've just looked at week 7 - and found it's 'just' three repeats of today - it will be interesting to see how similar or different they turn out to be.


Ha ha! I'd have told you off if you'd not gone out though!

It's amazing how this thing works though I've gone from terrified of W5, R3 to looking forward to the 25 minuters! As you say, it will be interesting comparing them. So far I haven't found much difference in similar runs so doing four of the same on the trot will be interesting.


Brilliant! In 6 shorts weeks you are more than an official runner you are ratified by the inimitable laura! Well done. Tricia x


:) The amazing bit is that 25 minutes seemed much easier than the 20 minutes of just over a week ago.


The mind catching up with the body.


Well done Greenlegs. Keep at it - graduation is in sight! :-)



Wooohooooo!! Congrats!

High school kids eh!

Damn their smooth skin and hair!!.....Lol

All the best



Thanks, everyone.

Just worked out my speed (lack of) out of curiosity - I knew it was low, because of the snow and having to hop on and off the pavement/road, so I'm not bothered at all, but thought it might cheer someone else up! I couldn't do it earlier as my garmin thing was having a hissy fit and refused to turn on or off (it was in a sort of limbo), but new batteries have sorted it.

Average speed 5kph / 3.3mph (ie it would take a whole hour to do 5k, obviously) - not even a fast walking pace! Also - slower than my week 1 runs, and slower than when I walked a 5k fun run!

However, I covered 2.2km (1.3 miles) in 25 minutes. Which is the furthest I've ever run in my life, so that will do me just fine. :)


Yey! I'm so chuffed for you! Well done, I'm so jealous, I should be celebrating run 3 with you buy my knee is awful, I'm.so sad! But reading that you did it has cheered me up!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to katywoo

Really sorry about your knee - it would have been good to have someone else on the same bit. It's very generous of you to say that reading this cheered you up though. That makes me feel even better about it.


well done, congratulations! You rock! And don't worry about the speed, safety is top of the list in this weather and it's not a race, it's about your personal achievments. Furthest you've run and the longest you've run for. I shall raise two toasts to you tonight! :-D


Absolutely lovely post! Well done.....graduation beckons. :)


Thanks vixie and jeddah. I booked myself in for a Race for Life 5k last night - not until June, so I'm hoping I'll be able to run all the way by then, even if it does take ages - but as lots of people walk them, I won't be left at the tail end like on a parkrun. It should give me something good to aim for after graduation (see, I'm assuming I'm going to get there now, barring injury!).


Well done you, I must admit if it wasnt for Laura giving me encouragement this new regime would be less enjoyable; I do think about what people must think when they see me, believe me I have judged runners badly for not going faster than I can walk, but now I empathise with them - strange how life goes........

Thanks for your messages of encouragement to me it all means alot that I am not alone :)


Just seen this - woo hoo! Enjoy your 25 minute runs - I found that after the 20 minutes, they weren't too bad, because it was only just a little bit further. You're nearly there :)


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