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Week 6 run 3 complete - Laura says I'm a runner!


Well the end of week 6 has come and I was worried about this run but tried not to think about it. The first 10 minutes were very tough and I could have easily given up. But suddenly Laura announced we were half way through, 12.5 minutes done!

The following 12.5 minutes were much easier and when Laura told us to push harder for the last minute we were actually able to pick up the pace. Mind you our basic pace is quite slow!

Having read other blogs I knew that Laura would tell me at the end of the run that I was now a runner. But for some reason as soon as I heard it I became quite emotional! I can't believe the progress we have made in the past 6 weeks. We could barely make it past one minute when we started so 25 mins non stop feels like one hell of an achievement. If you're reading this and doubting yourself, then please don't. If I can do this then anyone can.

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Congratulations! It is quite something, isn't it? That emotional feeling is something I remember too.

I think this must be one of the most-used phrases on here: "If I can do this then anyone can." - because we are all so gob-smacked we've actually done something that seemed so very unlikely! Brilliant programme.

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Thanks Greenlegs, yes definitely quite something, now can't wait to get to the end of the programme. I measured the length of our run online just now and we did just over 3k, so about 8 mins per km. which would equate to 5k in 40 mins and I'd be very happy with that. When did you graduate and what have you done since?

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I finished in Feb, and then did the 5x50 challenge, of doing 5k or 30min of exercise every day for 50 days (mostly 30 min of exercise - 5k took me nearer to an hour!) - though I did once run 10k, and several times 5k or a bit more. That challenge finished in May, and then I decided to sign up for 'Juneathon' - to run or exercise every day in June. You have to have a blog for it, and it seemed an interesting challenge. (If you're curious, my blog is here: greenlegs7.wordpress.com/ ).

The only thing is, I think I overdid it a bit at the end of the 5x50 challenge, and I seem to have run out of steam a bit with the running. However, I did a 30 minute run today, and I've got a 5k Race for Life in a couple of weeks, so I'm getting back on track again. And coming back onto this amazing support site should help!

5k in 40 minutes is quite a bit faster than I can do even now. :)


Well done, being told you are a runner is a massive achievement, and you are so well done and keep running :-)


Well done! Those words really mean something don't they? Although I thought they were coming at the end of the run and not the warm down so I had a mild panic that Laura didn't think I was good enough!! ;)


Well done. Must be a great feeling. I am at wk6 run2 tomorrow so hopefully will hear Laura say that to me on the run after. Keep running "runner".

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