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W3R1 - moving on up

Wasn't ready for Laura this morning. I'm sure she normally talks for longer giving me a chance to start the podcast, put my iphone away and zip my tops up before setting foot outside. But there I was, still faffing with my phone and she says off you go. Hang on a minute! I shall have to master the art of putting the phone away whilst walking next time.

Weather not too bad. Sunny start but clouded over. When I turned into the wind I regretted not wearing my buff this morning but I certainly warmed up though during the run.

Surprised at how long the 90 second sections seemed compared with the 3 minute runs which, strangely, seemed easier. Not easy. Just easier.

Also surprised at how little ground I covered. Thought I'd end up going further so added a couple of extra loops into my route but then found myself too far from home at the end of the session. Which meant I probably made up for the bit of warm up walk I missed at the start.

Otherwise uneventful. Satisfying but uneventful. Looking forward to Sunday.

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Hi Pam, interesting you found the 3 minutes easier than 90 seconds. There are quite a few people who find starting and stopping harder than plodding on. I am not sure which I prefer, quite like intervals. But I understand it is supposed to be harder on your body.

Keep up e good work x


Funny that the longer bits seemed easier than the shorter ones! Very encouraging for the future though! :) Keep up the good work.


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