Update on .... Finished C25K & on to B210K

I have completed Week 4 Run 2... Finally, starting to get easier, concerning the Run and walk intervals x3. It was to the point I was actually looking forward to the 22 minute runs , because they will just be x 2. After my first 18 minute run of week four , I was surprised that runs 2 & 3 seemed to be easier. I was really shocked at how well my last session went last night ! It seems once I get that first run over, the other two are a lot easier. Must be a mental thing ??? Tomorrow is my last Week 4 run , and I'm looking forward to the longer times... Anxious , yet curious as to how I will do !

Thanks to finding the C25K Program, I am feeling so much better , and able to run longer and farther than I ever thought I could !! Thanks for all the encouraging words and comments !!!!


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8 Replies

  • Did you do any of the stamina and speed sessions Before going on to B210k? I graduated in June and tried speed, hated it and decided I had enough of Laura but now losing my way a bit so might take a look at b210k. Well done for getting to week 4.

  • No, I didn't try any of those. I just went from C25k TO B210k . So far , it has worked out great for me. Surprisingly, the hardest part thus far, was doing the intervals . If you try B210K, just stick with it. If you had success with C25k , I think you will do fine. Good Luck ! Don't get discouraged .... Just keep plugging away !

  • Lawman what b25k programme are you using?

  • I am using the one from Bluefin.

  • I enjoyed the b210k programme - think mine was by a co called zen labs.

    Have fun :)

  • I'm using one that's part of the RunDouble app, and I'm finding it really good. It does ramp things up quite steeply but surprisingly I'm not having any problems with running for that amount of time, and I always take the first run in a series more slowly than normal just to make sure that I can complete it and know whether I can push things a bit more on runs 2 and 3.

  • I agree hose.... It took me awhile, but I finally learned (from all the knowledgeable people on here ) to not worry about speed. It's better to make sure you can get through the time or distance , whatever plan you are doing . Eventually, it should all come together.

  • I did Sami Murphy podcasts (Bridge to 10 k) downloadable from here. I loved them cos of the music. The choice of tunes kept me going and made me laugh out loud many times. Thinking of Shakira warbling on about her breasts being small and humble! LOL

    Rhianna's Pon d Replay and Cheap Trick's "Surrender" , oh and Oakenfold's Starry Eyed Surprise. Never heard of any of these til I started running the podcasts. Sami Murphy is a bit like Jillian Michaels, she kicks you up the wotsit!

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