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Well that did no get off to a good start as got my earphones in to find that the audio of week 3 had not downloaded but the info page had. SO.....I had to stand still for quite some time in order to try and focus on the small print ( no glasses for running) and try and work out the plan. Eventually homed in on 2 sessions of 90 seconds and 2 or 3 minutes - yikes....should I go back for my glasses to verify that??

5 minute warm up done and iphone stopwatch in hand, off I go. Surprisingly no pains, aches, sore knees and the first part goes quite well though pretty (snail like) slow. 3 minutes running next - well that amazingly went OK too and there was a smallish smile on my face when doing the 3 minute walk inbetween - the second 3 minutes was not so easy and my style was just dreadful but at no stage did I think that I would have to stop though was really glad when the 3 never-ending minutes came to an end.

Who would ever have thought it? Me running 9 minutes and maybe even more in time. It is odd how your mind carries you forward even when your legs are not particularly willing and yes, it does get kind of addictive to see what comes next!

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Fair play Shaky, pretty similar to my experience.

One thing though, what is this "style" you speak of????


Well done :) You did it!

I have no style when I'm running, that's why I like going out first thing in the morning- there's no one watching!


Maybe style and a litle more speed will come eventually - one step at a time!


Nice 1 shaky! You will continue to be amazed, as we all are at what we manage to achieve. I did not think I ever get my breath back after wk1 let alone go on to wk2 lol. As for speed and style, I would recommend roller skates and a good for me every time daaarling ;)


Hey now there is a thought! What a huge learning curve we are on!


Yeah and I'm on wk 8 now. I swear if my overweight, asthmatic, hid during cross country runs at school self can do it then anyone can!


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