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Decided to start back up

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So today I took the plunge and decided to start c25k again for the millionth time. I can never seem to get past week two as I lose motivation as I feel as though I can’t do it. However have a festival and a holiday coming up in end of August and start of September so not only do I wanna look and feel good for those I want to be healthier and fitter and hopefully this will be the motivation to move back into the gym.

First run this morning. Horrific lol. I am SO unfit 😭 it wasn’t too bad at parts but unfortunately I had to run and there was a nice big bank just in time for my running lol.

Hoping it gets easier??? 😩

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Keep us posted.

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Hi Beef1996 - in my book you get a ⭐️ for stickability! Is this the first time you have connected with this group? There are more experienced runners than me on here who can certainly advise you. For my part I approach every run wondering if I can do it - at the moment. I’m in Week 6 now. I didn’t really understand what a great mental experience it is until Week 3, because for the first 2 weeks it’s all walk/run/walk/run.... and you never really hit a rhythm. So I’ve noticed the admins on here always say ‘slow down - it’s not about speed or distance until you graduate’ and they are absolutely right. Even if you have to put one foot infront of the other with a little bounce in the middle, that’s still a run stride! So definitely go slow, just do the time, and you’ll start to feel good, and the rest will follow. 👍

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The thing I reckon you would struggle to dispute you can do is put your shoes on and get out there. How long you run for will follow.

(And maybe not hang too much on this?... If the gym is another thing you think you 'should' be doing that may in practice be another reason to give up on the running)

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If at first you don't succeed... Try again! And why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is so much more a mental battle than physical... if you want it enough... You'll get there! 👍😉 good luck! 🌟

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Welcome..take the link from IannodaTruffe ..steady and slow and keep posting 😉

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Let’s all agree you are going to stick it out this time. Before you were just dipping your shoe, now you’re going to do it, right?

I’m guessing from your username that you are a bloke around 22. I’m a bloke around 30 years older and I’ve not done any exercise at all since before you were born, so you are way fitter than me. I can do this. So can you.

Enjoy the next run - most of the struggle is with your head. We’ve all been there and, if you let us, this forum will help you through the way it helped me through.

Enjoy the next run.

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Hi, I graduated a couple of years ago then for a variety of reasons I stopped running. So today, like you, I am starting from scratch. We can do this! I’m off out now for run 1 ....

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