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Moving on

Having just completed C25K, and following some great advice and encouragement in another post, I have decided to move on to the C25K+ podcasts for a few weeks. This evening I attempted the Stepping Stone one. This is the first time I have consciously attempted to walk or run in time to a beat.

The warm up walk was fine, but when the running started I really struggled. I couldn't work out how I was supposed to run so slowly! But suddenly it clicked - the reason I was struggling was that I was 'jogging' rather than 'running'. My strides were so short that there was no way I could maintain only 150 bpm. Lengthening my stride and adopting more of a running action made a huge difference and I found that 150 bpm was actually quite comfortable. I carried on at this speed, and then the shift up to 155 bpm was fine too. I must have been about half way through that section when disaster struck - the podcast on my phone stopped!

There was no way I was going to stop to try and sort it out. For the first time, I felt like I was really running and I wasn't stopping for anything :) I kept going to the end of the 30 minutes of running, though I don't really know if I managed to keep up the pace and I might have been out by a minute or so on the time. But I ran further than I've ever run before, so I really don't care!

Thanks again for the encouragement :)

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Well done you. I really struggled with this one and a couple of other people said they did too.


Stick with the + podcasts they really work. Just be wary of over-striding, its often said here it can lead to injury.

If you've completed C25K you need your graduate badge.... .


If you run at 180 bpm your stride will shorten. A shorter stride is better than a long one which can result in heel strike. I was watching Dibaba on a film clip on here the other day and I noticed that she has little strides, keeping everything under her hips but her leg turnover will be quicker.

Just be aware of it. You don't want to hurt yourself

The Stepping Stones podcasts are very good and will take your running on to a point where you can think about doing longer distances, increasing by no more than 10% a week


I love all the C25K+ podcasts. They are a bit of a shock to the system the first couple of times but once you get into the groove they're great


Thanks everyone - I'm going to stick with C25K+ podcasts for at least the next few weeks and see how it goes :)


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