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Week 5 Run 1 OMG!

Hardest run so far, not sure why. Could have been the zero degrees temperature or the inclines. The first 5 min run was up a gentle incline, but I struggled after about 2 mins I got so out of breath. 2nd run was no better the last 2 minutes was again up a steeper slope, had to slow down, didn't help much nearly died! 3rd run was virtually flat but had to run much slower and have never been so grateful to hear Laura say that's it. As for keeping up a brisk walk in between I just couldn't, I was puffing and panting so much. Laura said at one point "she noticed she was recovering more quickly between runs" I most certainly wasn't today.

I will certainly have to find a flat area for the next two runs of the week otherwise I will fail miserably. Any suggestions with the getting out of breath and please don't say slow down otherwise I will be walking quicker than I am running!

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Hi Julie, bit of a ladies question but are you wearing a sports bra? I am a bit shall we say a larger girl up there and I didnt get one till around week 3/4 and it sorted out my breathing issues. It just seemed to settle down after that. Just an idea?


Thanks for that advice, unfortunately i have already got a very good bra, so I guess I will just have to work at it. Glad it helped you though. I've decided it must have been the cold, which doesn't bode well for run 2 on Wed as the weather doesn't look like it will improve!


Hi Julie, i find inclines were and still are killers if they are early in my running, I much rather get warmed up before trying to tackle even a slight hill. Are you able to reverse your route, that might help? Theres no point in trying to avoid them altogether but there is nothing worse than feeling shattered so early on in the routine.

The other thing is you said it was really cold which does take your breath away, have you tried wearing a Buff around your mouth and nose. I bought one at the start of the winter because being asthmatic the cold air makes me cough and wheeze, not good when your trying to run. Wishing you all the best don't be put off by it, you can do this and be proud of yourself, you didn't stop running even when you were finding it so difficult, you dug deep which can be darn hard. Well done.


Hi Julie

I really think this cold weather has an effect. I did this run last week (having already do e it twice with no problems) and found it really difficult with the extreme wind and cold. The good thing is you did do it! I will be attempting w5 r2 in an hours time and am dreading it because of the weather. Maybe we'll just have to accept we might have some difficult runs in this weather?

I'd also say avoid the hills if you're already battling the elements - you've got enough to be dealing with :-)


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