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Week 6 Run 1 (Monday) and Run 2 (today)

Run 1 of week 6 was good felt OK and felt stronger on the slight inclines, after the run I was looking forward to Run 2.

Run 2 not so good. First time I have failed to keep running! Decided upon a different route as in the main it would be flatter for longer. Did the first 10 min run and was OK, glad when it had finished as I am still getting very out of breath (and I don't run fast in fact I would call it slow). Set off for the second 10 min run, legs felt very heavy and bottom of calf was feeling pretty tight (this has been niggling for a couple of weeks now). Anyway continued along the flat OK, after 4 mins turned a corner and had to run up a steep incline and the WIND, well it was like stepping into a wind tunnel! I managed to keep moving for about 50 yards and then just had to stop running. Continued to walk as the incline reduced and when I was back on the flat after about 2 mins of walking started to run again, but could only run for approx another 2 mins before having to give up again! Continued to walk for the duration of the podcast. Felt very annoyed and dejected as this is the first time I have not completed the runs.

Can someone please advise if I should go back to repeating week 6 from the start or just try run 2 again in a couple of days?

I have to say week 5 and week 6 have been very hard and I have found them less enjoyable than previous weeks. I will not give in though, not yet anyway!

Any advice much appreciated. Good luck to everyone on your runs this week.

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I too am on week six and like you have not found it enjoyable anything but however like you I am not ready to give in. Lets face it we are more than half way there in my opinion give run 2another go you won't lose anything and sometimes an extra days rest can help as well on the past two big runs I left two days before I tackled them seemed to help. Keep on going I will too we are strong we can do this best of luck


Thanks Maisie, this site is so good for all of us to keep us motivated and focused. I will give it another go. I just need a nice long stretch where it's ALL FLAT!


Me too ladies ... Due to do 6.2 today, but had dreadful restless night and when I saw the outside temperature Today, I just decided that another day's rest wouldn't hurt. I enjoyed 6.1 - very much a mental run.. So I just have to find that same frame of mind after a good night's sleep tonight. Night night, sweet dreams. (Mantra: we can do this, we can do this well!) Linda ;)


Doing my W6R2 tomorrow morning... Found W6R1 hard so fingers crossed I can do it.

Julie - I think you should just repeat run 2 - no need to do run 1 again in my opinion?


I got ready to do W6R1 on Sunday only to find that it had not downloaded onto my I pod!!! So I did W6R2 instead and found it not too bad ;-) I have now done this run twice this week and am due to tackle R3 today! Hope it's not too hard.


I attempted w6/r2 last night and I must say found it hard, I havnt run for a week because of illness and was a bit aprehensive about going out. I too tried a new route along the promenade as flatter and it was windy and difficalt completed the first run but struggled with second, like you I'm not going to be defeated going to repeat this run before going in to run 3 otherwise I think my mindset will be against me, 25 mins seems like a lifetime if I struggled with 10.

You'll be fine I' m sure whatever you decide to do

Good luck, see you at the finish line


I'm going out to do w6 r3 tonight too! I found r1 horrible and then r2 not as bad although tough on my legs and lungs but I got to the end so I am hoping that r3 will be a bit easier still! You could always set off to do r3 and walk for three minutes in the middle if you really are struggling then it will be like r2? Good luck to all W6 R3ers and everyone else too :)


(I Posted a message earlier and had to delete it, sorry!!)

Hi Julie21, I am going to do my R1W6 today, I was so excited when I finished the R3W5 day before and looking forward to today's run. The weather is not all that good over here though unlike day before yesterday. I am sure you will be fine if you do the same run- R2W6 once more, maybe you should go on a flatter route? Take a rest for a day or maybe 2 and then do it again. I am sure that you can do it this time. Good luck!!


Keep going all of you! Yes, it is hard work, but you CAN do it! If you did W5r3, it's in there somewhere, and it will come out again - and the more times you get through those first 5-10 minutes the more confidence you will get that is is possible, and it won't kill you!

I still find that bit the hardest, but it's not so difficult mentally, now that I know that I can keep going, and that sometimes (quite often recently) it is enjoyable after that bit.

Keep cheering each other on too - it really does help. :)


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