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OMG!!!!!! Week 5 last run

omg, omg omg OMG!!! OMG!!!!! I did the last run I actually managed the 20 minutes, wow it was soooo hard for me, I hear Lauras voice and thought she was going to say - well done you have run for 10 min you are half way but she said you have run for 5 mins keep going, I did keep going but twice I thought I was going to have to stop and throw up but I kept going, once I had finished and stopped to walk my legs were really wobbly just like jelly, but i was soooooo pleased that I managed it.

I know people will say you felt sick becuase you were going to fast, that is not the case with me, as I only run slow anyway, any slower and I would be walking.

The only thing I wish I could feel is..... enjoyment while running, it just seem hard work all the time. out of breath etc, I do wonder what is the point really huh.

Come on everyone if I can do everyone can because I am small. I have fibromyalgia. I hope I can walk tomorrow thats the only problem now lol.

Good luck everyone

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Fantastic! Well done. Iam with you - I love running before I go, and when I finish, but the bit in between ...! Sooo hard! But what an achievement. Keep on running :)


Thank you Holly but you have finsihed your , you are soooo lucky.


Well done!!! I have this run to do tonight - thank you for the motivation! :)


Please leave me a message straight after it, would love to hear how you did. Just keep talking to yourself saying come on you can do it.


Well done, quite an achievement !



Oh well done! I have just done my week5 run3 too and I was equally exhausted and wobbly afterwards! Plus, when Laura told me it was only 5 minutes in a nearly cried! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who felt like that!! :) good luck with next week!! :)


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