Week 5 Run 1 done

Done it. But struggled a bit with breathing.....need to slow down. Measured it and it's 4.8km,Just for interests sake that's all. I'm not bothered how far it is. My friend who runs with me runs a bit slower but feels she needs to catch up with me. I am having more leg pain so feel I'm over striding a bit. On Tuesday she is going to run in front of me which I'm hoping may slow me down. I'll never do the 8 mins otherwise I'm sure.

Does anyone else hear Laura say half way there and speed up. Wish I didn't. Must stop,must stop that. That's why I'm struggling with breathing I think.

Here's to Day 2 on Tuesday

Barbara xx


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27 Replies

  • yep, keep going Barbara, you're getting there!

  • Thanks catchmeifucan :)

  • Well done Barbara! Have a great run on Tuesday! That'll be W4R1 for me. x

  • Thanks AliPru. Good luck with your Week 4 Run 1 too :)) xx

  • Really well done Barbara. If you think you need to slow down then you probably do! When Laura said half way through I was usually so knackered at that point that I slowed down as I didn't have the energy to speed up!

    Good luck for Tuesday.

  • It's not a race. You need to slow down. Take your time. No need to overstride, keep everything under your hips. The idea is to finish the race. Slowly does it. You want to finish the programme in one piece

  • I know IP and MissW I'm just really struggling to slow down even though I know I need to. I am just so excited to be out there and enjoying it :) will try very hard on Tuesday. My friend told her daughter our plan for her to stay in front to force me to slow down and her daughter said 'No mum you need to up your pace' She is a runner and a hard task master :) :)

    Thanks ladies xx

  • Amazing, good luck with the rest of the runs. I'll start week 5 on Tuesday I hope, and I'm really excited.

  • You'll be fine zeidan I'm sure :) Have fun :) x

  • I know its hard but take it slow and steady, small steps plenty of breaths....

  • Thank you juicy ju...my mantra. Small steps. Lots of breaths :))

    Today I did crazy amounts of jumps over puddles too...incredibly bad along the tow path today. Shoes are filthy but tried to avoid a few xx

  • Maybe when you hear Laura say half way make a conscious effort to slow down. That way you can still have some in the tank at the end and it might stop you from speeding up. All the best on run 2

  • Thanks runswithdogs....good plan :)

    Does she keep telling you you're half way? Hope so :)

  • Great that you did it! Just slow down....easier said sometime I know.....Iyou will do it fine..look forward to reading about it :0)

  • I'll post on Tuesday if I manage it pot58 :)

  • Not if WHEN!!!!#

  • Ok :) :) ;)

  • Reading your post first thing in the morning convinced me to give it a go today, but it was a funny one;-)

  • What happened? did you manage it? My legs hurt today!! And then my lab went missing on my walk and I ended up running on concrete in my wellies which certainly didn't aid recovery ;) xx

  • I work in a lab - it has never gone missing yet - although sometimes i wish it would.

  • Haha brilliant. I just read your post. So funny. You've done so well. No wonder you can't wipe the smile off your face :))

  • well done barbara you are doing great.

  • Cheers adsez :)

  • well done Barbara, you are doing fabulous. I go so slow most people could keep up with me in kitten heels. I figure I will start working on pace when I finish the program and my fitness increases. Keep us posted! I think the mantras really work- its funny how some of the positive things people say stick in the mind and help us along.

  • Airhare I did day 2 and loved it.....where did that 8 mins go? Just posted. Excited as the slower speed was so much more enjoyable :)

  • Hey! Get you Barbara! Glad to hear the slower speed worked for you. Its the only way I CAN do it, and for me the aim of the game is to complete. Laura will start to tell you to 'feel free to slow down' which makes me laugh cos if I went any slower I think I'd be going backwards ;-)

    Still progress is what I am making. I did my wk6 #1 this morning. Have to admit that I found it hard after 5#3 but I had also been for a cycle this morning. So I figure my legs were a bit tired!

  • A bit of a late reply but like you, I always go too quickly and still have trouble slowing down so well done for doing that.

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