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Week 4 Run 2 (Yesterday)

Hi everyone, free gym pass now over so back on the roads. Evening before I went onto Map-o-meter and mapped out my run, as I wanted it to be as level as possible, its really good knowing exactly where you are going to run, and where there are inclines etc. First part went OK then after the 2.30 min walk in the middle found it really hard to get running again, found it much easier after the 90 sec walk. Then 3.30 mins into the last 5 min run I hit an incline (couldn't have timed it better). I tried to keep the same pace but not sure if I did, I was certainly breathing very heavily for the last minute but the important bit is I didn't stop. Today my legs feel the best they have ever felt after any of the runs, so thats really pleasing. Netball tomorrow where I really notice the increased fitness I now have. Then Run 3 on Saturday.

I have decided not to worry about the next week, as I have done that every week so far and each further week is OK. I now really believe that I will one day be able to run for 30 minutes, if I follow the programme.

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Well done julie! The trick with inclines (apparently!) is to try and keep the same pace but take shorter steps. It's what I do when I walk, so it makes sense.

And you're right not to worry about what's coming up - just take it as it comes and by the sound of it you'll soon be joining the Jolly Green Graduate club! ;-)


Thanks, I'll try that with the inclines.


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