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Back to week 4 after a ridiculous 2 months of excuses and laziness!

I started C25K back in September last year and from day one I loved it, but then I also had time on my hands due to a fab shift pattern...I did the last run of week 5, the 20 minute one and I was ecstatic!!! That was back on 11th November 2012 and then due to going back to working 9-5, and leaving the house very early and getting back very late due to a horrendous commute, I found EVERY excuse under the sun not to run....

....This continued all over Christmas, until yesterday when I decided that enough was enough as I weighed myself (not nice) and everything was definitely feeling much more wobbly!

So I decided to start at week 4 again, with the 5 min warm up walk, 3 min run, 90s walk, 5 min run, 2.5min walk,3 min run, 90s walk and 5 min run..

And do you know it was ok! I was surprised, almost 2 months off and I found it ok and really looking forward to going out again, Im aching a bit, but I guess thats normal, so Ive found a new motivation and I WILL COMPLETE THIS PROGRAMME haha!

I hope it was ok going back to week 4, Im thinking maybe I should have started again after such a long break, and not having graduated either, I was only on week 6, but if it felt ok then surely thats fine?

Watch this space!!

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Well done for getting back to it. I find that once I get out of the habit it's really easy to find any kind of excuse not to go out. Going back to week 4 was probably a good idea. I got to the end of week 5 as well then couldn't run due to injury and I went back to week 4. It eases you in and gets you on the right track without overdoing it. Good luck and keep running.



Ha ha! Just listen to vikicats, talking about week 4 as 'easing you in' - shows just how far you have come. Week 4 sounds pretty scary to me (at the end of week 3). Just feeling really pleased that I could do 3 minutes continuously, and then there is a jump to two lots of 5 minutes!!! AND two lots of 3 minutes. Erk! But I've managed it all so far, so expect it will be ok on the day.

katywoo - after all that food and resting, well done for getting back to it all!


Hi Katy, well done for getting back on it! It's easy to stop and then the excuses roll in! I was on week 8 when I stopped 8 weeks ago, planning to attempt W5R1 tonight to see how it goes.

I'm a great believer in the body being able to adjust and having memory, so lets both get back on the horse and finish this programme!!

See you at the finish line.


Hi Katy - I started about the same time as you (10th September) and got as far as week 7 before having to stop for a couple of weeks due to injury (pushing myself too hard, too fast). I then went back to week 4 and have taken things really slowly since then - repeated weeks, repeated runs as necessary and I always take two days rest between runs.

I am now at week 8 and, if I graduate on schedule, it will have taken me 20 weeks to complete the programme, but complete it I will!!!


Welcome back katywoo and I just want to say a huge congratulations to all of you here who have stopped for one reason or another and got back into it. Well done and I really look forward to seeing you graduate. In the meantime very good luck!


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