Week 4, Run 2

Hey all, I'm new to posting, but have been reading posts since week one

I've managed to complete each run so far (up until week 4, run1) even though they have been challenging, I'm really starting to trust the program and it's great to see my stamina rise after each run. (I could hardly catch my breath running in the first week)

Unfortunately last night didn't go as well! My trainers are just old cheap running ones, but they haven't really caused any leg pains, apart from the usual aches. But today after a bit of a downpour, I went for my week 4, run 2 and found out my trainers have hardly any grip!

After about 30 seconds of the first 3 min run I tripped over on the pavement, then had to call it quits for the day. When I got home I realised I had managed to get a bruised chin, shoulder and left knee and grazed hand and right knee (and a dented ego!). Nothing too bad though, especially after a hour with frozen peas on my knee.

Really annoyed I didn't manage to do the run, but planning to restart the week on Sunday


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12 Replies

  • Hi. I'm up to w4run 2 tomorrow. I'm new to running and so really happy with how it's going. I did buy myself some new trainers. Not expensive ones but comfy and supportive ones. Much better than my old ones. Hope you feel up to running again soon.

  • Thanks Sarah! Good luck with run two, I'm looking forward to my next one - definitely hooked already

  • Me too, never thought I'd say that about running.

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear of your tumble but I think it happens to us all til we get our shoes sorted.

    Why are you waiting til Sunday? Get back out there on friday if you're able. I hope you will be.

  • Thanks misswobble. I would... but I'm going away for a wedding from tomorrow until Sunday, so won't be able to sadly! I'll see if I can fit in something sneaky though!

  • Ouch!! Poor you. You definitely need to sort out some better trainers when you can. Are you wearing trail shoes by any chance? They have less grip on concrete than road shoes. Hope your injuries are feeling better soon

  • Thanks! Yes will probably have to, I actually have no idea if they're trail or not! (very much a novice)

  • Welcome and well done in getting this far. As others have said, it sounds as if you need to invest in a proper pair of shoes. It will be worth it as you have caught the bug already!

    I look forward to hearing all about your journey.

  • Thanks Irishprincess, yes, really looking forward to progressing more, my first reaction was annoyance that I wouldn't be able to complete the run. Onwards and upwards though :)

  • Oh poor you! Sounds like its time to invest in some proper running shoes - don't need to cost a fortune. Good luck with the next run!

  • Thanks! It's not too bad, I think you just get a bit of a shock falling over when you're an adult, I don't think I've had a grazed knee since I was a child! new shoes definitely on the shopping list

  • I think you're right about that. When we fell over as kids we never gave it a second thought but once we're adults it's like some major trauma, which it usually aint!

    If you're away for the weekend and it starts getting boring (these things can can't they) then nip off for a quick run. Folks usually end up having naps when they eat and drink too much so you could plan your escape. You won't be gone long so no-one will miss you. You could a Bobby Ewing and say you were in the shower!

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