Week 4 Run 1

After run 3 of week 3 I was apprehensive about starting week four, Almost twice the amount of running!!!! Anyway after a disturbed sleep last night I was not sure if I would get up for a run but the alarm went off at 5.30 and dragged myself out of bed about 6 and went out.

The first 3 minute run went well, legs a little heavy but I put that down to the 2 days rest I take (I go out Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Then came the first 5 minute run, slow and steady said Laura and I was happy to oblige. I checked the starting point and off I went. I was delighted to do one circuit of the park (about half kilometre) without stopping. The next 3 min run went without hiccup, if anything my legs felt better jogging than walking. Then Laura said the last 5 min run - already I said - so off we went, nice and steady. Starting to flag now and when Laura said your half way through I said are you sure!!!!!

So I dug deep, thought about all the words of encouragement on this forum and kept going and finished without stopping. I was worn out, breathless but thrilled to do it - easier than I thought but lets not get too cocky we will see how Wednesday goes.

Thank you for your support

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  • Good morning, Redskins. :-) Well done on getting through the first run of week four; sounds like you managed a little better than I did! Sounds like you had a similar start to me too; my sleep wasn't great last night either (never is on a Sunday night, for some reason) and snap: I'm out Monday, Wednesday and Friday too: I feel the two days of rest over the weekend does a bit more harm than good as it's a struggle getting back into it! I am going to take up swimming on the Saturdays and have Sunday off; I'm on a waiting list for adult swimming lessons, so hopefully I'll be learning soon and will have a day of other training on the weekend so I'm still active.

    You've done well today; congratulations. Time for us to rest up now ready for run two on Wednesday. :-)

  • My master plan was to commence week 4 this morning but I had the inlaws over for dinner yesterday and overindulged somewhat :-)

    A long slllooooooowwww walk with the dog will be the extent of todays exercise I'm afraid

  • Ah the dreaded in laws. Hope the meal was worth it!!!!. Hope you find time soon to start week 4

  • Hopefully tomorrow redskin. Yours post and that of Miles makes me think that week 4 may not be quite as bad as I think. Hopefully :-)

    I can only put my lack of energy today down to that last piece of brocolli

  • Well done Miles for the extra training on the rest days I just walk to work nothing else.

    All the best with the swimming. I do enjoy it but don't go much due to being overweight but my daughter keeps pestering me to go so I will after I complete the couch to 5k and loose some weight

  • Thanks kittykat I find that going early sets me up for the day and once its done its done. Not sure how far I would have got if I went out in the evening. Sat at work thinking about it.

    Plus in the morning few people are around and there was a beautiful red sunrise

  • Well done on completing the first run of week 4. Good luck with the next run and best wishes.

  • Thanks Fitmo. You were one of the posters I thought of with your encouraging words that helped me to keep going

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