Week 5 run 2

Well I couldn't let Newbie_Pam catch me up ! So tonight I completed Run 2,yippee I found that onceI got in a rhythm and a comfortable pace run 1 went ok and I could have carried on a few minutes more.

Run 2 couldn't quite get that pace right and towards the last minute or so was a bit harder but I managed it .Now ready for run 3 on Saturday...... I think!

I have a quick question though, at this stage in the programme what distance should I be running ? tonight by the time I had done my 5 min walk then first 8 minute run I had run approx 1.1 miles.

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  • Swear-words from this part of the world!

    Seriously though, well done and your commitment is definitely helping my resolve. Week 5, run 1 for me tomorrow, come rain, hail or shine :o)

  • Ha,thanks for the praise and motivation I am actually tonight feel really good about myself after doing the run.

    No run now till Saturday for me now but hope the weather is good for you tomorrow.

  • Well done again :) 8 minutes! Good aren't we?!!

    I know most posts say not to think about the distance but I've started to wonder how it all starts to shape-up. I guess we just watch the personal progression. Fingers crossed for the end of week trek!!

  • Yes we are good !! It's weird one week it's when is the 60 seconds over and thank heavens for that and the next few weeks it's do I have enough time to get to the next roundabout or next set of traffic lights or is that just me

  • One particular path I've used for around half my runs. Must admit that today I was definitely enjoying plodding past previous markers and did manage to get to the same bridge I made on Monday :) I was a bit concerned that more plodding would bring a slower walking pace but seems it's not too bad.

  • When I was on week 7, I wondered if I could run 5k. I kept going and did it in 43 minutes! Showing off in a way but I just wanted to know. Got back on the programme after that, didn't want an injury LOL

  • I'm not sure in miles.. I measure by map my run and have noted I do around ten mins per k..managing approx 3k in the half hour time..haven't a clue if this is average or what...just amazed I'm getting through :) but just like you getting more interested in pace/ distance.. bearing in mind all advice from our amazing predecessors..slow is good x

  • Going to be boring here, but yes, just forget distance at this stage. Get to them of Week 9 and then see how far 30 mins takes you and take it from there.

    Honestly, the programme should really be called "Couch to 30 mins"

    Good luck!

  • Fantastic, whatever speed you need to do to complete the run time is fine. I wouldn't worry about the distance at this stage. I do not know many who graduate with a 30 minute 5k. My first one was 43 minutes. If you do the time, you pass and then plenty of time to master 30 minutes, then 5k - enjoy it! Julie

  • Thanks for all the comments will just go with the flow of the runs and see what happens.

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