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I completed week 9! But now I'm anxious...

Hi all,

This evening I finally ran for 30 minutes without stopping! Including the 5 minute warm up, I managed 3.18 miles. I'm going to do the run another two times as suggested, but I'm a bit anxious about where I go from here. One of my main motivations was reaching this point, but I've always been weak-willed and I worry that I won't be able to keep the running up. For the graduates, how easy did you find it to continue to run regularly after W9 was over?

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We let real life get in the way. It was easy to use appointments, work, weather etc. As an excuse. We Graduated in October, then had holidays (another excuse) ;-) So, January we committed to a 10K program. It helped so much to KNOW we had to schedule it in. We just finished the program so now I'm hoping we continue 2-3 times a week. Good luck! Gayle


So far, (4 weeks) I've managed to keep running every other day - sometimes for more than 30 minutes, and sometimes not quite for 30 minutes, but then I've been trying to push my pace up a bit.

What's keeping me motivated is that I'm slow, and I wanted to be able to do a parkrun without trailing too far behind everyone else. I did my first parkrun last weekend (and came last of 203, but that was fine) and now am motivated to keep going to improve my pace. I'd like to be able to run faster than the tailrunner can walk!


I've only just graduated, but I think I want to start logging how many miles I run each week, maybe set a weekly milage goal. I think that'll help motivate me.


I graduated in November, and through December & January let things slip a bit and managed two runs most weeks, occasionally three. Since then I've regrouped - I *really* don't want to drop this habit, since (to my utter astonishment) I really do enjoy it! I've not started any other plan or programme, although I keep thinking about it, but have developed a structure to the week so that I do a 'long' run which is a circuit including a big hill, another day I do the 'speed' podcast, and the third is a bit variable but has recently been 'stamina' on the treadmill.

For me, the key is to have set running days/times, so that it's built into my week just like every other committment. That way, I don't have the excuse of something else 'just coming up' and stopping me running.

I must be improving, as every couple of weeks I get another email from RunKeeper to tell me I've broken one of my previous records, which then helps motiviate me to keep going :)


Hello 500socialmedia,

I've always had motivation worries, especially when I took 3 enforced breaks soon after graduating. Somehow I've managed to keep going though, much to my amazement. I have used the C25K+ podcasts , which were an introduction to paced running (you can just keep repeating them as much as you like until you can stand the music no longer) and now I'm using Podrunner podcasts recommended by Swanscot. I'd recommend anyone to have a look at those - they are free and there are sessions to fit almost anyone. The music isn't my taste really but it just goes along in the background. I haven't yet finished a session but have some targets to aim at.

Lastly, I've signed up for the 5x50 challenge, which you may have heard about here. If not, try googling it. We even have an NHS C25K "virtual" team taking part - with many familiar names and faces from here! More members welcome!

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Good luck!



I share your concern as I completed 9r1 tonight. Actually I thought the podcast a little bit of an anticlimax, but I did have tech issues (see my post) to make the experience less special.

I have also joined the 5x50 and think this will be very hard. I will run 3 times a week and cycle for 4 I think, but still planning my strategy.


Remember for 5x50, you don't have to do 5 km 'travelling' every day. I did that last time and over did it. This time i'm going to count my 90 minute yoga class for one day each week and 30 minutes swimming some days - which will only be a few hundred metres not 5000!


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