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The end is in sight! W9R1 in the bag!

Delayed by 2 days as I have a cold again!!! Just got rid of a cough that lasted 5 weeks. Still on the treadmill I am afraid. I did try to run outside in week 8 for one run, but without the discipline of the treadmill set off far too fast and ended up having to take a walk break which made me feel I'd failed. Even though it's a bit boring I like the discipline of the treadmill in a funny sort of way and the fact that I can't 'cheat' by slowing down. Figured I'd finish C25k on the treadmill then work on running outside. Besides which it will be more pleasant as it will be lighter in the evenings after work (and warmer!). Bring it on!


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I was thinking the same thing about the treadmill! I'm almost thru week 3 and wondered what it would be like to run outside. I think I will finish the entire thing on the treadmill, then go back a few weeks when I start running outside. I like the control of the treadmill and the support also.


Hey congrats on the week 9 start.

All the treadmill runners can I have a hurrah!

I've done all mine on the treadmill, next run w9r1, I also am looking forward to those balmy days ahead......well above 4 degrees at least!

All the best



I've never run on a treadmill (hate the idea - ugh!) but a friend told me her trick for motivating herself to use hers was to watch dvds that she only let herself watch while on the treadmill. So it sort of made it a treat. Not sure she convinced me though!

Well done to you all for keeping going. Dale's a great role model for you! :)


Well done Maggie, I know I have said it before but worth saying again, I have huge respect for anyone who can complete the programme on a treadmill.

I have been lucky that I have been able to do the whole thing outside, even in the snowy weather. I did set off a bit quick a couple of times, but I love being outdoors and hate the way it gets so hot on a machine.

Have to admit I'm looking forward to running in the light and a bit of warmth (not too much ;-) ) too


I started C25k last year and ran outside until week five when it started going cold and/or dark outside. I finished it a few weeks before xmas then didnt run for a few weeks due to various things going on. When I did go outside I managed 15mins before I had to stop not just because of the cold either.

At the moment I do one run outside either saturday or sunday then one or two inside at the gym . If i have to walk at any point I treat the session as an interval session.

I an trying to build up my distance as I am doing a race for life 5k end of june but it is difficult as i dont have any way of knowing how far I am going.


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