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End is Nigh

I'm very excited as tomorrow it's Run 3 of Week 9 :-) I'm hoping to maintain the running of every other day but may look at running Tues, Thurs and then a longer run on Sunday (thoughts on this please). Disappointed that I'm not going to be able to run outside for much longer - especially as we alter the clocks next week and it'll be very dark by the time I get in from work. Need to find a treadmill.

Also celebrating that after 7 weeks I have shifted 1 whole stone and have seen my bmi drop just over 2 points which sits me in the overweight category from obese (not a word I like to hear).

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Good luck with your Graduation run! Don't forget to ask for your virtual badge.

Yep the nights are closing in and clocks will soon be changing so mornings will be darker. Sigh. I don't mind running in the dark with a head torch, or hand torch and keep going through the winter. In fact I quite like it as it means I've not gone into hibernation. Joining a local jog group was the best thing I ever did as it means I can run on dark nights with a posse.

Good news about the weight loss! Congratulations. Exellent work! If you keep running and eating healthily you'll get where you want to be health wise and weight wise, so good luck with that. I used to be obese, and I think once you know you are then you have to do something about yourself. I wish you all the best with your get fit plans. I called my plan "Fat to Fit"

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Thanks for the reply Misswobble - I'll be applying for the badge tomorrow!!

Thank you also for the kind words - keeps up the motivation :-) x


Good luck with the run and well done on the weight and BMI.


Thanks RM2016 for the kind words :-) x


You're welcome! I shall look out for the "Graduation" next to your name.

Keep up the good work as regards the healthy eating. I'm heading for six years worth of healthy BMI on 18th November. Feel better now than I ever have and I'm nearly 59. It can be done!


that's fantastic - well done you - very inspirational x


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