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Right, first, and probably last, blog. Began the programme in July as a personal challenge, and a way to take my mind off other things. As a 60 year old grandmother, and a smoker of 45 years' nicotine addiction, I reckon it was a pretty daft thing to do. However, I've stuck religiously to the schedule, and completed W9R1 last night. According to my new pal, Endomondo, I ran 3.08 miles in 30.01 minutes, narrowly missing the 5k.

Although I can now run for 30 minutes without stopping, which is pretty miraculous when I think back to the near-death feelings of W1, at no point have I enjoyed any of it, probably owing to the lung-clogging effects of ingesting noxious fumes over many years. I have pushed myself to my absolute limits, because I'm pig-headed, and am determined to crack the 5k in one of the next two runs if it kills me. But it's been so hard that I don't know if I'll run again after finishing. The obvious answer is to quit the smokes, and persevere. Maybe I'll try that.

Have been reading the blogs on here along the way, and some stories are truly inspirational; I take my hat off to everyone who has taken up this challenge, and wish you all luck. For those who haven't yet completed the programme, you can do this, and you will. For those who have, I know how hard you've worked, and you thoroughly deserve your little green badge.

This is a pretty negative blog, apologies, do I still get a badge if I graduate?


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9 Replies

  • Not negative at all. You're clearly a very determined person and you have my utmost admiration for completing this challenge while still on the ciggies - that really is pig-headed lol It's obvious that you don't enjoy running and that's fine, it is possible that is it really is not for you but at least you gave it a damned good go.

    I wish you all the best for the future in whatever you decide to do and you never know... if you give up the smokes that could be a whole new challenge. :)

  • Yeah, stopping smoking would be the obvious thing to do, but somehow I've managed to avoid that one over the years. But thanks for your comments, which make absolute sense. And hey, I love the banjo! Mine is parked in the spare room where I left it after multiple failed attempts at Old Joe Clark. Maybe that should be the next challenge.

  • I wish I could run 5k in 30 minutes. The most I've done is 3k and nothing I have done so far seems to speed me up.

    So, well done! It seems a shame to waste all that hard work - are you sure you are not a runner at heart? ;)

  • Christian1, you graduated! That's a phenomenal achievement, and I've no doubt that the 5k will come of its own accord, one day when you least expect it. And thanks for your support, although I don't feel I deserve it.

  • Well done!!!!! If you can do this, surely you can give up the cigs. ???? A friend of mine in New Zealand gave up cigarettes after many, many years of smoking and saved the money to come over here for the first time ever. She had a brilliant time, and managed to fit in some family research, too. Good luck!

  • Thank you! I don't know why my thrawn-ness makes me run when I don't want to, but doesn't extend to giving up the cigs. Maybe, if there was something that I wanted enough to save for, I could use the pig-headedness to good purpose. Unfortunately, though, money won't return the lost youth, or give me longer legs!

  • I'm not a runner at heart either and as soon as I had cracked the 30mins business have hardly run since. I do like striding out on walks though and because of the running have found that my pace, strength and overall fitness is so much better. The running is all too hot and sweaty (and only 30mins). The walking takes us to glorious places, we are out for longer and my husband with knees that stop him running can come with me. (I still think you should use some of your determination to stop smoking though!!) Good luck.

  • A kindred spirit! I walk quite a bit, either in the Scottish hills or in the Lake District, and think nothing of hiking 25 miles over the hills in a day. But running for thirty minutes kills me! Pretty much down to the cigs I suppose, and maybe time now to do a bit of serious thinking about it. I hope you and your husband continue to enjoy your walks - outdoors is a wonderful place to be.

  • W9R2 - 4.97k in 30.02 minutes. So near. And yet so blooming far!

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