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End is in sight .... now what?!

I've got one more Wk 9 run left and then I'll be a graduate. This is, obviously, a time to celebrate, but I'm actually more nervous about what happens now. I very much need the coaching, encouragement and goal-setting that the programme provides so I'm not sure how useful just running to my own music will be. I've found the +5k graduate podcasts but there's no real 'goal' or 'challenge' involved. I think I'm just going to have to create my own goals, from now on, which is a bit scary. I'm currently still taking 33 mins too run 5K (according to MapMyRun) so my first goal is to do it in 30 mins. Is this a realistic next step? Feeling a bit lost :-(

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Yes that sounds a good place to start. I keep running the + podcasts but am back onto Sami Murphy Bridge Bridge to 10 k podcasts as well, which are quite challenging. Better music!


First of all congratulations for what you achieved so far I did + podcasts too but know exactly what you mean about feeling lost Have you thought of a park run or maybe another 5k race That would give you something to focus your training on I am doing 5mile race in May ( I thought it was a 5k !! ) so am following bupa 10 k beginners plan Started at wk 3 and really finding it good as it gives me a structure to follow Similar to c25k it concentrates on length of run and distance I also do - very slowly but improving --parkrun which gives me a time There were a lot of new graduates just before Christmas discussing this so if might pay you to have a look at their posts Look forward to seeing your graduation badge very soon


I know exactly where you are with this. I've just got week 9 run 3 to do - tomorrow.

I was thinking about how to deal with the 'afterLauralife' and decided that I might repeat a week 9 run a week for a while to continue getting some encouragement. Alongside this I'm going to try to run a bit further each week, as I'm still quite a way from doing 5k.

I'm not that bothered about speeding up yet, but would like to run a bit further. Obviously you're running a lot faster than me already, but I think it's a very individual thing and somehow each of us has to work out what's best. That's what I'm saying anyway. I just want to get 9/3 done now, then all the rest will be a lot more real. Eek.

Good luck - we should be graduates very soon!!!


Yes, tomorrow morning will be my wk 3! I have good days & bad days, speed-wise, but like you, I'd rather run longer than faster at the mo. I've only got very little legs so I'm not expecting to break any land speed records. maybe we should just bask in our glory for a day and start next week with just the goal of keeping going. Check in, tomorrow, let me know how you get on :)


Yes, let's enjoy tomorrow and trust the teeny legs [mine too] to get us through. The rest will take care of itself. Exciting, eh!



Yes I think most of us felt that way. I did stepping stones (c25k+) for a while and enjoyed it. Then we formed the Facebook page and I find seeing what the others are doing motivates me to push further and keep getting out of the door.

I joined a running club and despite saying 5k was about 'my distance' with work and other demands on my time I have resolved to get to 10k this year.

Still trying to motivate my daughter to finish the plan but she's not enjoying running like I am I'll continue to 'support' her ha ha.

I'd say just keep running and you'll find your way. The days I run to my own music with a distance goal I'm definitely faster than when I've got podcast coaching

Good luck and hope to see your badge very soon :-)


You need to decide why you are running. If it is just to maintain your fitness then just carry on running three times thirty minutes per week, although without an aim this may become....well,,,,,aimless. Increasing your run time by a few minutes on one run per week, will automatically get you reproducing the buzz of C25k, as you will be creating new PBs for yourself in both duration and distance. Parkrun not only gives you an accurate 5k time, which you will probably want to try to improve on as time goes by, but it is also fun. Challenge yourself to run up particular hills. Run in different places. The more routes you run the more new challenges you present to yourself, especially if you then subsequently find the urge to improve your time on each one. Set short term and longer term targets and you will find that you carry on enjoying running. Above all have fun.....sometimes stopping to enjoy the view is more important than beating your personal best.

Congratulations. Keep running,keep smiling.


I did it! This morning, at 11.32, I completed my week 9 run 3 (plus a bit extra) I wanted to run the full 5K again and did it in my best time yet, 32mins 40secs. I think it was a bit of a fluke, especially as it was chucking down, but I'll take that, for now :) I'm going to go ahead with the 'stepping stones' for a bit and maybe pop over to the Facebook group, too. Thank you for all your advice. X


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