Back out on the roads again - hallelujah!

It's been an odd year already. My NY resolution was to run 3 times a week and to get up to 5k comfortably, then do a Park Run to prove I could. So first there was the stinking NY cold, then I started running again - only 15 minutes, but that was okay. Then there was snow, so I didn't run for two weeks. Off I went again, up to 20 minutes - yay! - when I was clobbered with a really bad bout of bronchitis.

This week I have run for 22 minutes, then 28 minutes and will go again tomorrow. I am sort of wondering if I can settle down to it again without something getting in the way, but I guess the only thing to do is to take it one run at a time.

I don't have great ambitions, and I admire (but am scared by!) all you b210k-ers. All I want to do is run regularly in order to improve my fitness. Surely that's not too much to ask!


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  • I am with you, Annie, on just wanting to get out and run for fitness as my goal rather than going for races and/or distance. I suppose for me it is still dealing with the shock that I can actually run at all!!

  • Im glad your back trying to run! We found after graduation we missed a routine/schedule that we actually had to commit to. We are currently following a 10K program. A 5K is still challenging for me but I have high hopes once I can run a continuous hour, the 5K will be easier. :-) Who knows! Very well done and wishing you continued running success!!! Gayle

  • Thanks, Gayle, the lack of a schedule was a bit of a problem, which was partly why I was determined to go back to running three times a week. All the very best to you and Steve for your 10k - I am in awe :)

  • But we did it, PeaBea - we are graduates :D I must confess, I've been feeling a bit low over the last few weeks, wondering if I would ever make running a normal part of my life rather than this whole effort of psyching myself up to get out there. But I've been lurking on here and that's cheered me up!

  • I think for some of us (ie me) I would like to get into the routine that running is something you do 3 times a week after brushing your teeth in the morning. I am getting there!

    As I said in a previous blogs I am currently re-doing the C25K programme but the distance version to get me up to a comfortable 5k. This gives me some structure at the moment and then spring will be here (and then I will be moaning that it is too hot to run) and that will make it easier.

    But as said by others, it is good just to be able to run, which costs you nothing (apart from visits to sport shops of course). Just keep on running.

  • Hi Annie -

    Your year is about the same as mine so far - cold/cough for 3 weeks including Christmas and New Year, got back out there for about 3 runs before it started snowing. Made a resolution not to run in snow or ice (or subzero temps for that matter) - I really don't want an injury - ran once on almost-gone snow, and once again 2 weeks ago today, then got the flu and was stuck in bed (not even just the couch).

    Today I have ventured out to my regular aerobics class and survived despite several lengthy coughing fits. I really want to run again soon (and will, as before, be starting with the Stepping Stones podcast for as long as I can manage) but all the time it's cold and I'm coughing this seems unwise.

    I have no thoughts of 10K at the moment - I briefly toyed with the idea when so many other graduates were starting, but for me it will be nice when I can get back up to 5K and even better if I can get the 5K time down. But yes, this has made me feel rather low at times - I went from the best shape I've been in for probably 30 years to a flu-ey wreck (and to add insult to injury I had a flu jab too) and until it's warmer I can't always seem to see the way back again. Like you say, I also lurk here a lot (I check the new blogs every day) and that still makes me feel part of the community.

    Remember, you're doing the best you can and any run's better than no run :-)

    Have a nice weekend!

    Ann x

  • Hi Ann, it's a bugger, isn't it? I'm glad you're back at your aerobics class at least, but I think you're wise to delay the running until the coughing goes away. I think so long as we retain the desire to run, even though our fitness may dissipate slightly we will still get back out there. And hey, the days are getting longer and there's some sun around, so things are getting better! All the best with your recovery - at least we can keep checking in on here for inspiration :)

  • Hi Annie,

    I'm sure you're right - my previous breaks haven't done too much harm to fitness (I'll be disappointed if I have to go back into C25k but if I can manage 20 mins of Stepping Stones I'll be happy enough). Strangely, I got up this morning wanting to run....... but it was snowing quite hard (not settling fortunately) and of course I still have that cough. I think I'll set a re-start target date of next weekend and hope for good weather.


  • Ooh, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and the weather next weekend!

  • I'm really glad to see there are graduates who aren't whizzing off to 10k to be honest! If I ever get to 5k I'll be amazed (I can see it's possible, but it's still way, way off, even though I'm now on the brink of week 9, because I go so slowly).

    Being fitter, and staying fitter is my main aim. :)

  • Hi Greenlegs,

    If I can get to 5K I'm sure you can.... I've managed the magic distance only once I think, and it took 34 minutes using the Stamina podcast. Last time I was up to running (see previous) I did the whole 35 minutes of Stamina and got to 4.9K. I was at much shorter distances in week 9 because I had no idea of pacing - tended to set off too fast and struggled as time went on. C25K+ (which I strongly recommend) has been a huge help with that.

    Good luck with your last week (!!!!!!!) and I'm sure you and Fingalo (and probably others) will have a wonderful grad party :-D


  • You'll get there, don't worry! It took me 50 runs, not 27, to graduate, but I did it. I have run just over 5k a couple of times as well, but it wasn't particularly easy. That's why I want to work back up to that this spring. We are fitter than when we started - and we will be even fitter yet! Thanks for commenting and cheering me up :)

  • I think what you are doing is a blessing. You are running for yourself, not to beat anyone or anything but for your own health, fitness and pleasure. I think it is easy to get caught up in 10k drama as I currently am lol but after all that I will be seeking to settle back in to the joy and health benefits of running for pleasure. I am know I will be proud and all that but nothing will ever beat the pride of giving myself the precious gift of running. Regardless of time or distance. Well done for staying focused on the most important and perfect :)

  • That's a lovely way of looking at the situation - thank you :) It is a gift, and one I never expected to have. I just need to keep plodding on. You are an inspiration!

  • Thanks from me too - 5K is mostly a personal achievement, just a number. I still find the biggest pleasure is in getting back from a run, whether good or bad.

    People are now asking me if I want to do sponsored events (race for life etc) but I really don't like the feel of asking people for money so I can go and do something I'd do anyway (OK I'd do 5K anyway but in my own little bubble instead of with hundreds of others in lurid pink shirts, and I know which I'd prefer!) I hope that's not too much of a selfish attitude...


  • You are welcome :) I think it's all got it's place. I read somewhere that Just doing what's right for us at the time whilst not judging ourselves or others is enough. It's lovely to hear you are enjoying your runs so much!

  • Thanks, Jems - I'm still not sure I'm enjoying the actual running, but it's so good to be back out there :D

    Annie x

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