I am back - again!

After a few miserable months sulking because my Achilles Tendon on my right foot was giving me jip, I am back.

My plans to run the MK Half Marathon on 8th March were shelved, which was bitterly disappointing. My training had been going so well with me getting up to 16Km in just over 90 minutes. I backed off the running for a month in November, but by mid December stopped completely.

A change of job in January changed my working pattern (no more working at home), so getting running again was hard. That said Achilles was still giving me trouble. I am seeing a Physio now, and it seems to be very slowly improving, but I was a bit 'scared' to run.

Then this Monday, my wife, who had not quite completed C25K, and had stopped running, suggested we go out together. She was planning to run Week 5 again. So I went with her. We have only ever run together once before, she is a fair bit slower than me. It was great. We ran together for a while, but then I went off on my own at a slow pace. Running the short intervals, stretching between each run-to-walk transition. And I felt great.

Ran again last night, on my own this time. I covered 2Km. Nice and slow. As soon as I felt discomfort in my Achilles, I stopped, and stretched then set off again.

It felt so darn good to be out again. I felt liberated.

Plan now is to work my distance up nice and slow, and try and get my overall pace down. Then later in the year I will run my Half Marathon distance on the training route I had planned. (I owe it to the kind friends who had pledged money).

Great to be back :)


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20 Replies

  • Welcome back to the forum Nerdio, glad you are overcoming your injury problems and getting back on the road.

    Good luck with the HM training. After being inspired by Ju Ju many more of us might try that this year, so will be interested to hear how it is progressing.

    Do you use Garmin Connect or Strava?

  • I have heard of Strava, but never really looked at it. I know a number of people who use it though. And despite being a real lover of Tech. I do not have a Garmin. I just use Endomondo, works just fine!

  • Reason I was asking is the opportunity to build a community on there to share 10k training and HM training. A few of us are on Garmin Connect and it's great to see break downs of runs and routes etc.

  • Hi old-git. Just got a Garmin and loving Garmin Connect! How do you link up to others as would love to see what people are doing!

  • Hi ADR,

    On the side menu go to (Groups - Find Group) - NHS C25K H.U. Forum Group - and you can join there.

    Also for individual members go to Connections find people.

    Lots use the same user name as C25K i.e I'm still Old_Git!


  • Welcome back. Glad you're getting back into your running and hopefully back to fitness. Take care. Have fun!

  • Fun is the word - I need to remember it is fun, and not take it too seriously

  • All the best nerdio. Take it easy.

  • Take it easy is my new mantra

  • Welcome back and well done.

  • Thanks to Mrs. B really. She just came out with the 'lets go for a run' and it was just fine.

  • Welcome back Nerdo - it's a great feeling to get out again isn't it! I too had to shelve plans to do a half marathon in March but I love your idea of running the distance when your back up to full strength - as you said, nice and slow!

  • Sooo good to get back outside again. Rather shocked at how comfy the couch became in a few weeks!

  • Welcome back nerdio. Good to hear from you again :)

  • Thanks - loving the Allegro :)

  • Running with my wife was just perfect when I was recovering from a tweaked achilles. Her pace is not painfully slow, but just enough below my normal speed to be a gentle way back into running.

    Good to hear you are recovering, Nerdio, and I can tell you it is possible to get back to pace after injury. This morning I managed my first sub 30 minute 5k on my home 5k route since last summer, so my recovery is progressing, but injury makes one cautious.

    Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks

    I was starting to reach the point where I could see myself not getting off the couch. It was quite disturbing how easy it was to slip back into 'loafing'.

    Two runs done now, and Physio appt. this morning. I am grinning!

  • Hello Nerdio and welcome back. You're "my vintage" and I remember you! Really well done in getting back to this addiction. You've been through it before and you know what you have to do. Isn't it great?

  • Thanks

    It's funny how in some respects I feel like I am starting again. But this time it is different, I know I can run 10K if I want to. Just need to work up to it. I would never have thought that a few years ago.

  • Welcome back - sure you'll be back on the pace soon. Just don't over do it in all the excitement!!

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