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the bitch is back!

Happy New Year to everyone! I can't believe we are already half way through January :-( Hope this snow lasts til christmas ;-) I've missed reading all your blogs this past week or two.

Following my last blog, I didn't run NYD. I wasn't ill as such, but I had a high temperature for a few days and then a migraine for 2, so had the whole week off - most frustrating. I've managed to run fairly regularly since then, although mostly 'easy' runs with the odd stepping stones thrown in here and there. We (daughter and I) had a fab run on the common, lovely and splishy, splashy in the mud. Surprisingly, my daughter was struggling on the trail, she was tired though, so we just did 25 minutes. I was very cross with myself for leaving my garmin in the garden, so no idea of the distance at the time (I'm not bonkers, I have to leave it outside while I get ready as it takes a while to find the satelite), so I ran the same route and time again this week to check the distance, it was 2.3 miles, so at least it was a worthwhile run.

I ran for the first time in the snow this week! :-) Not much snow on the ground, but it started snowing almost as soon as my warm up walk was complete. Very pretty, and made a nice change. I did try running with a base layer under my tights, to see if it helped prevent my bum from turning to a slab of ice - worked a treat, although the jacket came off in less than 3 minutes of me running and the sleeves of my long sleeved top were up past my elbows by about 7 minutes in. A beautiful run, not just snow flakes looking lovely, I ran down through the 'pick your own' farm, past the mill pond that has lots of waterfowl, it looked so pretty, over a bridge and the small coxes lock on the Wey, and then along the canal path. I ran back into the town and walked home from the centre of town. Not the longest of runs, but I've been running around doing all sorts of things, so I'm grateful to have squeezed anything in during this past 2 weeks (life has been manic) - even yoga classes have had to be cancelled (although 30 minutes practice at home here and there has kept me ticking over).

I suddently find myself with a free day, so thought I'd write a quick blog post, do some cleaning (preparation to throw some paint around the walls) and go for a lunch time run, then down to some cerebral work this afternoon :-)

oh, I missed the chance to have another lovely coastal run at the weekend, we decided to throw a small birthday party for my (recently departed) brother, which was lovely, but I stayed up talking until gone 3am and I had a blind date on the way home (lunch) so didn't have time to squeeze in my run. Never mind, back down in Deal next month (2 events) so I will fit it in then. New year, new me, my only resolution (after 'have more fun') is to take more risks, hence the blind date. 2 'frogs' kissed this year (kissed = met, not actually kissed ;-) ) and a 3rd in the diary. Might have to set up a whole new blog, LOL

I hope everyone is well. I'm planning to have a catch up on the blogs during my coffee break later ;-)

Happy running

Vix x

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Great that you're back Vixie and what a great blog! Life certainly manages to get in the way sometimes doesn't it?! That run sounds idyllic though. I desperately want to run when snow is falling. I may be over-romanticising it, it could prove treacherous, but your experience sounds perfect.

Oh and good luck with the blind dates! I think you'll find that your resolutions help each other. If you take more risks, you'll have more fun! ;)


thanks Rollertoaster! Exactly my plan, to develop a positive feedback loop between fun and risk :-)

on the snowy run, I was treading very carefully, it's a good way to make you soften your knees and run on your balls, so to speak ;-)


Hey Vix, were wondering where you had been!!! :)

Glad all is ok though hectic by the sounds of things....but still running, and in snow too - whoo hoo!! :D

Now, about these frogs, first thing to establish - do they like to run??!! ;) Have a great time finding out though and enjoy!

Sue x


thank you, its nice to feel missed :-)

Frog #1 could run, but was terribly competitive, and fairly disparaging about 'girl pace'. He likes to do 8km in under 30minutes. He was actually quite nice, but he sort of got my back up early on (I think it was the girl pace thing - I can't run fast, but I've only just started and do not feel the need to apologise!) and was spouting some nonesense facts about science and fitness, so I found myself correcting him ;-) On reflection, I realised that it was like red rag to a bull and I was subsequently the most arguementative and confrontational that I've ever been at any time, let alone on a date. Ha ha, I don't expect to hear back from him, but there are many more frogs out there, so I'm sure there is one for me and, if not, I'm having an interesting time meeting new people. I'm treating it as a way of making new friends and just meeting people, with a hope that there will be a special person for me in amongst them, rather than having a drawn out internet or phone relationship. Kind of like online speed dating, it must be all this running that is making me zoom through the lunches so fast ;-)


Hahaha! I would be the same with froggie no 1 :) Best to leave him in his pond.......

Enjoy the experience Vix and fingers crossed for you - just dont abandon us when you do find him!!!! :D :D :D ;)



You may have done him a favour by reacting rather than just nodding politely. You have a wonderful attitude to life and you're sure to meet people who will appreciate that.

I'm quite envious of your running in the snow - hoping I'll get to do that very soon, it's on my running wish list :-)


Nice to see you back, Vixij!! :-) Now about that title to the blog, it needs to be Princess if you're going to be kissing all those frogs! ;-) Sounds like you needed to tell frog #1 to go jump in the lake. ;-) Glad to see you back and motivated to keep running, even when real life gets in the way. Gayle


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