back on the couch yet again!!!!!!

I had not been running for quite some time due to ill health, then i retired from work and was over my health issues so i restarted back in July. All has been fine, i stuck to 3 times per week listening to the last week of the program. It felt great that i was back.

Now i am back on the couch as i have developed a racing heartbeat!!!!

It started in the middle of last week and every day since especially at night my heart feels like it is pounding!!!

My Gp believes it is palpitations. So off for blood tests today to check if it could be my Thyroid causing this or something else. Also have to go for an ECG tomorrow.

So frustrating but so scary as well. So no running until i find out what the problem is.

Has anyone else had this problem and resolved it so that they can run again???


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14 Replies

  • What rotten luck! :( I can sympathize as I've been languishing on the injury couch for the last two months and it's a lonely old place. Hope your GP manages to sort it out.

  • Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it is something that the doc can fix easily.

  • Sorry to hear that . Lets hope that the doc can resolve quickly and that youre back out there before long

    Good Luck xxx

  • I'm back on the couch too, sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope you get sorted soon.

  • There are all sorts of reasons for palpitations. You can get them through drinking too much coffee!, something as simple as that but they can be worrying

    I got quite a lot of them during menopause but they were nothing to worry about, fortunately

    It might be a good time to do a stock take of your health. Do an honest appraisal and see if there is any slack you can take up as regards healthy eating/drinking etc. It only takes small changes to feel better really quickly

    I hope you get sorted out real quick and that you'll soon be feeling better and back to running. Good luck

  • i have cut back on my tea and coffee as i was told that the caffeine can cause palpitations. I don't smoke or drink alcohol of any kind and i eat a healthy diet, porridge, lots of tomatoes, peppers and broccoli etc, apples and berries, chicken, salmon, mackerel and one portion of red meat a week usually liver for iron. I have had both tests so will wait until i see my gp on the 2/10 for the results. I will then ask about restarting my running, i miss it soooo much, especially as we have had a few lovely autumnal days which are perfect. In the mean time i am trying to walk everywhere if time allows and keeping busy in the house and garden.

  • Well I am running with ectopics, fibrillation and a very low underlying heartbeat (medicated). Mainly I find that the running helps and the cardiologist seemed to think it was ok so all is not necessarily lost. Hope the ECG was conclusive. Fingers crossed.

  • i am not really understanding all the medical terms you have spoken about, but it is positive that you can still go running. Here's hoping.

  • Needs checking out obviously.

    I have this as a symptom but not as much as you - enough to know that it is annoying and unpleasant even when not worrying in itself.

  • do you still run with this complaint???

  • I do (I had it checked out, inc ECG, years ago) although if you mean running whilst it is actually happening I am not sure (don't know if I could, it's pretty violent when it gets going). I've had it happen just after a run.

  • thanks for your reply, i have had blood test and ECG have to see my GP for results on Friday so am not running until i hear from her. It is great that you still run and i understand why you don't whilst it is happening, it is soo scary!!!!!!

  • Fortunately I don't find it scary because I know it is just a 'thing' in my case... although eventually a pounding heart does make you feel sort of anxious even if your mind isn't anxious, if that makes sense.

    It's just too hard to breathe and make your legs go.

  • Update to those who were kind enough to respond to my first post, i have seen my gp who has advised me to see a cardiologist to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong, She believes that everything is just fine and that palpitations sometimes happen and it can not be explained why??? There is medication i can take as i experience them on a daily basis now, but she wants to wait till i have seen someone at the hospital before prescribing. No running until then.

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