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Getting back out there - again!

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Hi all, not been on here for a while. In fact there a quite a few new names on here since I last posted, many of which have already overtaken me! I've been doing C25K since last September and unfortunately have yet to complete it, so if anyone is struggling with it be reassured you are not on your own. I did get pretty close but life smacked me in the face a bit a few weeks ago so I have slipped back again.

Anyway I went back out tonight in the familiar winter gear from last year, hat included. It has definitely gone cold since I last went out a couple of weeks ago. Had no idea where to start from so just ran for 15 minutes and will build up each time until I get back to week 6. If, no when, I finally graduate there is going to be some celebration. I have never waited so long to achieve something but I am not giving up!!

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Good luck Lisa! Nice to hear from you again.

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LisaRose74 in reply to John_W

Cheers John, it's good to be back 😀

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Well done for picking it up again Lisa !

Keep at it and keep posting so we can cheer you along your way :-) xxx

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LisaRose74 in reply to poppypug

Yes I plan to keep posting and checking up on how everyone else is getting on, it's a great support this forum

Hi LisaRose.😊You will get there, keep going, we will cheer you on.x

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Good luck. Welcome back.

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Hi there LisaRose74.

I started C25K this September and am now into week 8. I guess I have been really lucky in that I haven't picked up any injury to stop me running, and I have always managed to find the time to complete all the runs so far. It sounds like you almost got there but life dealt you a bit of a bum hand and it set you back. Well you haven't totally given up have you? Well done! :)

I take my hat off to you for your determination you're showing to finally complete C25K, which I'm sure you will do in good time. Don't forget it doesn't matter how long it takes, it's not a race!

All the best of luck with it.

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