Wk 6 run 2, snow-delayed

Wk 6 run 2, snow-delayed

Two days late (though I have done a lot of walking in the past few days), I finally got round to this run. I've got a snow-day off work, so decided to give it a go on the roads. Although the side roads are fairly horrible, the main road through our village is pretty clear now, and there's very little traffic around mid-morning, and the verges are ok to hop onto if something comes along.

I was surprised to find the first ten minutes not too bad at all - I might have carried on to try for the day 3 run (25 minutes - erk!) but I'd got to the middle of the village by then, and it was uphill, so decided to be sensible. The walking bit came at a good point, as I then go down a fairly steep lane, which hasn't been salted, and which I didn't fancy running on.

For the second ten minutes, I'd got close to the playing fields, so I thought they'd be better than carrying on down the road. It's a couple of minutes down the entrance lane, and then onto the field. Woooooaaahhhh! Deep snow (well, 5 inches deep) - sudden change in leg sensations! After about 30 seconds I decided to turn round and go back down the lane and onto the road again instead!

Anyway, I did both sets of ten, and felt fine for it. About half an hour later, after a bit of bird-watching, I went back to the field, just to see how long I could run for in the snow. Four minutes was really pushing it (checking my watch every minute), and my calves were complaining, as I don't usually pick my feet up at all, but had to in the snow, so I stopped.

It was interesting seeing how different it felt though!

Oh, and my footwear was walking boots, which seemed fine, and kept my feet dry. Maybe for day 3 though, I'll see if I can wear my running shoes, and keep to the road.

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  • Well done, Greenlegs. As you saw on my blog though no snow here the cold caused me problems with breathing so ended up inside but you battled through.

  • Thanks - though to be honest, the road running bit wasn't at all like battling - surprisingly easy once I'd got going. I must be getting fitter, I suppose! :)

    Brilliant that you've got right through the programme now. Are you having a party to celebrate?! Have a drink on me!

  • Well done mate, be safe in the white stuff!


  • Very important, yes.

    Nice tree by the way!

  • Sounds like a really good run, greenlegs! :)

  • Well done that's brilliant!

  • Let's hope we get another snow day tomorrow Yay :-)

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