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I'm running in the rain...! W8r3

Well, I missed the opportunity for a dry run yesterday, so thought I'd better head out this afternoon despite the soggy weather. At least going out in the daylight meant I could head up to the main road, rather than just doing laps of the two cul-de-sacs which make up half the village here...

Given that it's a nice long stretch of almost a mile to the main road, I thought it would be good to start at the bottom of the village, go round both roads, and up to the main road, then back. As a plan, it worked pretty well - except that again I felt as though I was going so slowly that walking would be quicker as I was going up the hill outside the village. This was after about 10-12 mins running, and I just gave up and walked about 50m. Started running again, then had another short walk, with Cedric gloating and telling me he knew I couldn't do it.

Well, that decided it. Don't ever tell me I can't do something. I ran. Then after a minute or so, Laura told me that was halftime, and I was determined not to walk again - there was no need! So up to the end of the lane, glad there weren't too many cars so I could avoid the massive puddles all along the edge of the road. Turn round, back up the long drag, past the sign for the village, start going down the bit that defeated me. And just to prove a point to Cedric, I turned round and ran back up the bit I'd walked before! So there!

Turn round again, enjoy the downhill to the end of the run - oh, and just to really stomp Cedric back into his hovel, I ran an extra 20 sec on the end. I would say sprinted, but that sugggests speed - but it was my version of a sprint anyway!

Got home, looked at the timings etc. and discovered that despite the slow feeling of the first half, I was quicker yet again! 😄 So all in all, not a bad run, even if I'm rather damp now! :)

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Well done for not letting the rain stop you (or Cedric!)!! :)


Running in the rain is one of life's pleasures. Well done for getting out there and for kicking Cedric in the whatsits.


Very well done!!!

I did a run in the rain today too and it was quite glorious...


Well done for defeating Cedric and showing him that you can!!!

Hope you can do the last week without hime tagging along 😉


Oh gosh you're on the last week! Sounds like a fab run and your fitness is sneaking up on you! I had a soggy jogette today but only did 20 minutes. It got very squishy! Glad you're kicking Cedric into touch too!


And the biggest bonus: I put my PJs on when I got home, and have been so comfy (on the couch!) ever since :)


Great run! I love running in the rain, I find it very exhilarating. Well done for telling Cedric who's boss! 👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻😀😀


Mam and I love a bit of rain running to shake off the goblins (plus rain seems to help keep you cool so you don't end up too red-faced) Remember! Goblins aren't waterproof!

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