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Week 6 run 2 done against all odds...can I get a whooop whooop!!

Well it wasn't looking good, snow everywhere, snow still falling, leisure centre shut so couldn't even go and go on a running machine, my husband telling me I'm mad for wanting to run, but I hadn't run since Wednesday and I just couldn't not run today! Does that mean I've got the bug?!

But then I looked out of the window and noticed that the roads were thawing so I thought sod it, go and try, if it doesn't work come I did, left the house so quickly I even forgot to put my sports bra on (never again, the women will understand!) Now I'm usually used to running down a flat canal, but as I was limited to roads the first 10 mins were up hill! Can't believe I did it! Then halfway through the second ten mins my podcast cut out...luckily I remembered what god awful song was on before it cut out,so while running abd trying not to slip I managed to find that bit again...and I got to the end!

Never felt so good about completing a run! My legs are huuuurting now thou, don't think they are used to running on hard pavements and roads! And my husband still thinks I'm mad......

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Hilarious! Sincerely well done for completing your run against rather a lot of obstacles. :)


Hee hee, I must be mad, also forgot to add that it was so cold that I went running in my fleece lined craghopper walking trousers that I had been wearing for sledging earlier this morning, they were great actually but now 2 sizes too big for me so I wear a belt..even so I must have looked funny running down the road wearing walking gear and trainers (i also had a craghopper fleece on), swearing under my breath at the podcast going wrong, whilst hoisting my trousers back up every two minutes and grimacing at the lack of chest support...roll on spring!


Sounds very funny! I've been running/walking in long johns, tracksuit bottoms, two pairs of socks and walking boots, vest, top, fleece cardi and thigh-length fleece (looks rather like a dressing gown!) Plus scarf wrapped round my head, two fleece hoodies up over that, and a pair of gloves. I met a neighbour on the way back, and he said he thought he'd seen me running the other day, and had thought my outfit looked a bit unusual for running in. Do I care - nope!

Maybe that's why I got a bit hot. Still, it stopped me freezing when I was doing the bird watching bit of my run/walk.


Katy, yes you are mad, I can confirm. You are however, also slimmer and healthier and, living life to the full...well done.


Well done katywoo, yes I think you have the bug! :)


Woo woo Katywoo!!! :) You have been well and truely bitten my dear :O :P

Well done for getting out there and proving all husbands that belong to the "Has My w

Wife Been Abducted?" Club wrong (including mine BTW ;) ) !!

Sue x


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