I said I would - so I did! W7r2

I said I would - so I did! W7r2

Yes, I said that I would go this evening as soon as I got in, so I checked that ma-in-law was happy to continue supervising the girls, and off I went. Week 7 run 2 done :)

Nice evening for it - sunny but not too warm, and a lovely bit of breeze. I decided I couldn't face the uphill hit right at the start of the run, so did an extra road in my warm-up walk so I'd have a couple of minutes running before the dreaded incline (hah!) - and it was fine! First couple of minutes were as horrible as ever, but by now I kind of let few gremlins have them, knowing that I'll shake them off quickly enough.

So, up the hill, keeping it slow and relaxed. Ish. Will I get to the end of the lane before the half-way point? Don't feel like going down the bridle path this evening. Oh good, about 15 seconds after I turned round to come back St Laura said I was halfway through.

Back up the lane, aware of just how much easier it is now than it used to be. Along past the farm driveway and down towards the village. Laura says five mins to go; I'm definitely running faster than on the way out. Need to keep going though, so into the field for the last couple of minutes. Turn back with one minute to go, so I'm heading back towards home. And we're done! Yay!

Pup behaved herself pretty well, so I thought I'd share a pic of the view I get while running :)


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17 Replies

  • Hi Rainbowc, i love the picture of your pup, it looks like she really likes going out running with you. I tried taking my dog out on an earlier weeks jog, unfortunately i had to drag her round as she really doesnt like running. I think i must own the ultimate couch potato dog in existence - even just going for a walk she'll hide or run away from mecwhen i pick up her lead. Oh to have an energetic dog to join me on my wanders... she does make an excellent lap warmer though 😃

  • Pretty Pup definitely likes her runs - even if it's only an almost-brisk walk for her! ;) She's very good for both resistance training (when she decides she's not quite in the mod to move forward st this precise moment) and for helping with my pace (when she decides I shouldn't be holding her back), but mostly she trots along nicely by my side :)

    No cuddles with her tonight though - I've broken out in a heat rash, so am not going near anything that will make me warmer than necessary! :( It wasn't even that hot tonight, I didn't think!

  • Well done Rainbow , you did it !!

    Your pup seems like in a rush to get somewhere , it must be soo lovely running together !

    Onwards, always ! :-) xxxx

  • This was on the walk home - she's always good at the homeward bound bit ;) But yes, she's a lovely running partner actually. Not quite as easy as Old Dog was, but I'm sure she'll settle into it given how quickly she's learned the difference between a walk and a run...

  • poppypug, can't imagine your puggy, or mine, joining us for a run. Though mine can certainly move fast when the door bell rings!

  • Oh you have a pug ? Fab ! They are so funny aren't they ? Have you a boy or a girl ? Ive 2 boys, a beige and a black one .

    Mine move fast when the door opens to their treat cupboard , Ha ha :-D xxx

  • I used to have a fawn one but she died age 13 and 11 months a couple of years ago. Now I've got a black one and she's a little monster. She can run, but not in the summer - too hot for her.

  • Wow, 13 is a grand old age for a pug ! I have heard and also know from experience that the black pugs do tend to be a bit more feisty ! My beige pug is soo laid back , but my black one is like the Tasmanian Devil ! :-D

    Whats yours called ? Mine are Rocky and Doug , although Doug gets called Douglas when he's naughty , which is a LOT of the time :-) xxx

  • You kicked procrastination to the wall! You do make it sound so easy :) Oh, and I SO want your dog 🐕

  • Nope, she's mine, all MINE! (Well, and Mr Rainbow's, technically, but we all know the truth! ;) )

    It really did feel not necessarily easy, but definitely absolutely do-able this evening. After those first few minutes, anyway. And that's a big change, cos last time round it was about 8 minutes until I started enjoying it at all!

  • Well done (and hope your heat rash settles). Dont mind me, I covet other people's dogs all the time :)

  • Oh, and whatever you do, don't google Keeshond puppy. They're not irresistible. Not at all.

  • Dammit - you knew I would! There's one on its back that looks like a baby hedgehog - I want them all!

  • Did you see the one doing a headstand??? Gets me every time :D

  • You did.. you said you would and you did! :)

    Well done you.. lovely photo and lovely run! It sounds wonderful.. and yes, it does get easier.

    You got rid of those gremlins too.. proud of you...on you go!!!! :)x

  • well done and I love the pic. My boy loves hid runs with me and it cheers me no end having him with me :-) Good luck on next run :-)

  • Hey you! 🙋🏼 The one that is running so well today, with the cute little dog. You did it'!!! And enjoyed it, and it was all your effort that made it happen!😀

    Well done you💫🎉💫🎉 Today was a good day - hurrah!

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