Woohoo! Good run tonight!

Woohoo! Good run tonight!

Have been struggling to get out 3 times a week as I had planned and have been just about squeezing in 2, a combination of school prize givings , end of term concerts etc and the procrastination gremlins taking full advantage. Got out tonight with the intention of repeating an 8 k route that I ran on Friday . It was a bit drizzly but I made it out the door and got into my rhythm nicely, the rain got a bit heavier but I kept on and took a slightly longer route to avoid a nice grassy track that would have soaked my trainers, got to 5 k and decided to try and speed up a bit , turned down the lane towards my house and my app said 8 k but I felt I had plenty more in the tank so detoured across a field into the cricket pitch/ park and ran a few laps round , got to 9 k , did another lap and headed out to go home by the road just to hear my app announce 10 k as the rain was pretty heavy by this point I ran to the bottom of the road and walked the last few minutes. 10.3 km , my longest ever run,so feeling pretty good just now! Still in shock that the me that struggled to run 3 minutes in week 3 , can now run for over an hour without stopping!


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14 Replies

  • That's brilliant ! Well done. I can't imagine running 10k yet but then 9 weeks ago i didnt think i would ever manage 5k. Determined to get to the distance you have acheived by my 50th in December.

  • You will do it, I found adding on a km or 2 every now and then was much easier than moving up from 90 seconds to 3 minutes etc. I suppose percentage wise we do much bigger jumps in the early weeks !

  • That is true. I ran 5k 3x to graduate but only managed 4.7k today. Guess it was just one of those days. I will work and consolidating and then increasing.

  • Wow..amazing just amazing!! Good going.. well done x

  • Excellent ! Well done you , have you requested your Graduate 10 Badge ? You've definitely earned it with that run ! :-) xxx

  • Good grief - was that actually running for over an hour! I'm v impressed ☺

  • Wow! Well done you☺

  • What a great run and fast I think. You must feel so great doing runs like that. Hoping I can build up to 10k eventually.

  • Thanks for the nice comments guys, my family seemed completely unsurprised and don't seem to realise that this is another milestone for me! Grateful for this forum as the rest of you understand!

  • Wow great effort :) well done

  • Amazing! 10k and look at that speed and pace! If I even make a pace of 6.48 I'll be amazed let alone running for over an hour. More like a thoroughbred than a heavy horse!

  • Wow heavyhorse, just checked out your post. You are indeed a thoroughbred these days. Well done on your running acheivements.😊 Go you.x

  • Na I'm more of a Clydesdale! No galloping but I can trot along for ages! Thanks!

  • Slow and steady wins the race though.😊

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