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W2r1 better late than never

I had planned to do this run on Sunday. But children's parties got in the way.

So Monday came and disaster struck( maybe a bit dramatic but it felt that way) my phone with the podcasts on died. Completely.

Adamant that I could not go without Laura in my ear to spur me on the trainers stayed on the floor redundant.

Tuesday came and went still with no phone = no podcast. I made myself believe it was because husband had to work late and it was dark and wet and cold that again the trainers lay untouched on the floor.

So today is Wednesday, the alarm was set for 6.30. The alarm went off and went on snooze.

Annoyed at myself for lacking enthusiasm I have finally( yippee ) just done w2r1. Due to impromptu couple of hours to myself with no other commitments,.

I dug out an iPod.... Shuffle so I can't put the podcasts on so easily, and worked out the timings I had to do so I could pace myself. Amusingly the first song was Benny hill! Hoping I didn't resemble the sketch when they run around the park after each other I set off.

Laura it would seem is not essential ! But I look forward to sharing my progress with her at the weekend!

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Laughed out loud at the image of you running along like Benny! :) I relate completely to you on the finding 'obstacles' to stop you running. I find that if I'm putting it off I can come on here and it inspires me to just get out there. Of course, I don't have wee children to consider any more so its easier for me! Just do what you can, don't beat yourself up over a missed run - there's plenty more days to go! Good luck. :)


Thanks oona.

Reading every bodies blogs are really helpful. Some have made me quite emotional!

Next run planned for Friday, hoping Benny hill doesn't repeat on the iPod !


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