W2R1 - Gremlins

They really are pesky little so and so's

Set my alarm for 5.30 am so I could meditate for 1/2 an hour before starting my day and then out to run.

Those pesky gremlins had worked out I sent them packing on my last run at the very beginning so this morning meditating, they start even before I have my joggings on " I think you have a fever you'd better go back to bed " "its dangerous to run with a fever ..... you might have a fit and die !!!" " you can do it tomorrow it wont matter!!"

OH MY Goodness it was busy in my head this morning.

Any way long story short put on those trainers plugged in my running buddy Laura and off I trotted. Lovely warm morning for a run the daffodils and snow drops are out at the same time and the deep red sun rise in the east was a sight to see and lifted my heart . As I was running my head was up and weight falling evenly on my heels, my back feels stronger and straighter ( not sure if it actually is it just feels that way ). I tried Laura's suggestion for improving breathing, however it seemed to put me out of rhythm, I expect a little trail and error will sort this out. The trail trainers I bought for running my particularly muddy run which were bright and shiny new on Saturday are now looking like real running shoes that have been used in the field with mud splatters. I am looking forward to the pair of us doing many miles more together. I felt a real sense of achievement at end of the run, physically and mentally.

anyone facing W2R1 and worried about it there is no need, Laura will lead you through it all with her cheerful voice, her choice of tracks towards the end even made me laugh !!

wishing you all a great day



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6 Replies

  • Super post... well done you. The gremlins are sneaky little blighters...but, they just loathe being ignored, and soon go off elsewhere:)

    Go you for getting out there so early too...I did my pre-graduation runs in the early morning... it was wonderful. Love your descriptions too.

    We do get very attached to our trainers...I am trying to break in some new ones, but my old, muddy ones keep calling me back and on they go!!! As you say, they share it all with you.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Onwards and upwards! :)

  • :-) thank you floss :)

  • You silenced those gremlins good and proper Nick with that run so good for you! And I agree there's nothing else to do with Laura's music other than laugh.

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful run! Well done!

  • Sounds wonderful! The gremlins will get quieter as you beat them into submission. Then the pixies come along to make you do too much!

  • lol its like Grimms fairy tales !!!

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