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Graduation ...... at long last!!!

I started my c25k journey on the 10th September last year. It was a balmy, late summer evening, and, having had the podcasts downloaded onto my phone since January (a New Year resolution which never got off the ground), I came home from work, had some kind of epiphany and decided to go for it. I dragged some old, baggy tracksuit bottoms out of the back of my wardrobe, blew the cobwebs off my trainers, and away I went!!

Numerous set backs along the way, including a fortnight lay off due to injury (then having to back track a few weeks to get myself going again), leaving at least two, sometimes, three days between every run to prevent reoccurance of said injury - and then foiled at the last minute by the snowy weather, I have finally completed W9R3 today.

I don't see this as the end, it is just the beginning of my new life as a runner.

My future plans:

1) consolidate the 30 min 5k (I am already within a whisper of hitting that magical mark)

2) run a few Parkruns (I have registered for my local Parkrun, so just need to take the plunge)

3) build my stamina and pace using the speed, stamina, stepping stones podcasts.

4) In April, start to train for the 10K race I am running in June with my sister which I aim to run within an hour.

So, can anyone remind me how I get my graduate badge (whoop whoop!) :-)

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Whoop, whoop indeed! Saruma - well done, for keeping with it and persevering through injury and foul weather. Your future plans sound excellent and a great way to keep motivated.

You need to message jr21 to get your graduate badge - which you very richly deserve.


I don't think it's jr21 any more.

See this thread:


thanks greenlegs - message sent :-)


Oops - I meant to say - Congratulations! first.

Brilliantly done!


Congratulations Saruma! And good luck with the future plans! :-)


Well done. A long hard slog but worth the effort!


Congratulations :-)


Congratulations, and good plans to keep you motivated, well done :-)


Congratulations saruma and welcome to the Grad Club!! :) Yes it really is the start of something great so keep running!!

Sue x


well done :-) and good luck with the 10k training


Congratulations, Saruma - what a fantastic achievement! Good luck with your plans :)


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Well done. Enjoy seeing that nice green badge next to your name. I never get tired of seeing mine pop up there. Enjoy!!


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